Black Friday Shopping

Top 5 stores best for black Friday shopping

  • Best Buy

-Best Buy is known for having the best deals on tablets. So if you are looking for a new tablet then I would suggest going here to shop.

  • Kohls

-This store is known for having the best deals on both clothes and toys. So if you are planning on getting toys for a child you know or buying clothes for yourself then go here.

  • jCpenney

- This store is known for having the best deals on clothes. So if you are into fashion then go here.

  • Office Depot

-Office Depot is known for having deals on computers. So if you are needing a new computer or are buying a computer for a Christmas present then go look at this store.

  • Amazon

-This store is known for always having sales on TV’s. So if you are planning on buying a new TV then go look on Amazon.

Tips and tricks for black Friday

  • Sign up for emails

-Signing up for emails is a good way to find coupons for certain stores you want to go to, but make sure you sign up at least 2 weeks before Black Friday because it can take awhile for emails to be sent out and generated.

  • Prioritize your shopping list

-You should try to list the items you want in order of importance, so when you go into each store you will know what you are looking for.

  • Shop on Wednesday

-Normally on Wednesday prices at stores are at their lowest.

  • Get out early

-Normally the early you go to shop the faster you are most likely to get the items you want and are looking for.

  • Shop with a friend

-Shopping with a friend can be fun and helpful. A lot of the time you both can work together to find the items you want.