Ping Pong Tournament 2018

By: Kyersten Gett

It’s getting to that time where you will hear the ping pong balls clicking on the tables, see students in crazy costumes, and the competitive faces of students here at Homer-Center playing in the ping pong tournament.

The ping pong tournament started in 2008 when Mr. Rainy had started working here. Mr. Pangonis says that we never had anything like this at our school and it was Mr. Rainy’s idea to do something fun like this for our students. They decided that they would do it around christmas time because there is no testing and it is a down time for students. It is a celebration of Christmas break, it is a fun send off.

The first year that we had the ping pong tournament Mr. Pangonis said that “We had about 200 people and now we have well over 300.” Homer-Center takes spectators and players. To play and spectate it is $1. All of the money goes to the Teddy Bear Fund Drive.

When I spoke to senior, Nate Davis, he said that he could not wait to play ping pong. It is something that he looks forward too every Christmas break. When I asked him why he really like doing the ping pong tournament Nate said that it is fun, he was good at it, and it is for a good cause. All of the kids dress up silly for the ping pong, they do that because it is fun to be embarrassing, and they have always saw the older kids dress up and they decided to follow in their footsteps. I asked the three time ping pong champion if he thought he was going to win this year and Nate said “ I hope so,but if not i will be happy for whoever wins.” Nates last words were “Mr. Butler, I’m coming for you.”

Doing the ping pong tournament is something that the students look forward too each year. The students love to compete and see who wins. It is a great way to send the students off to a great Christmas break.

Congratulations to 4 time ping pong champion, Nate Davis, on winning the 2018 ping pong tournament!