Meet Mr. Krejocic

The Guidance Office has welcomed a brand new counselor this school year, Mr. Kurt Krejocic. Mr. Krejocic is a Homer City native where he graduated high school and now lives. He attended La Roche College where he majored in Marketing and Management and played baseball for four years. He then obtained his masters degree in counseling from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Krejocic enjoys coaching baseball and hanging out with his son Maz. When asked why he switched into be a school counselor, he proudly answered, “This is my dream job. I love working with kids. Seeing these kids in the community and helping them is why I do it. It’s also cool to come back to where I graduated from.”

Mr. Krejocic also answered some fun “This or That” questions so we could learn more about his personality.

Interviewer: Cats or Dogs?

Mr. Krejocic: Dogs

Interviewer: Apple or Samsung?

Mr.Krejocic: Samsung

Interviewer: Summer or Fall?

Mr. Krejocic: Summer for sure.

Interviewer: College or Professional Sports?

Mr. Krejocic: Professional

Interviewer: Christmas or Halloween?

Mr. Krejocic: Halloween

Interviewer: Favorite Sports Team?

Mr. Krejocic: Pittsburgh Pirates