HC Students Create Apps

By: Garrett Mock

On Monday, November 26th, several freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Homer-Center have been spending the last several weeks in a programming class preparing simple apps to be showcased to faculty and other students in the school. The class is taught by Mrs. Vicki Olinger, one of the computer and financial teachers at Homer-Center. It is a challenging class that allows students to experience ways to create apps, websites, and other online devices to better prepare them in the growing field of technology and entertainment.

The students had prepared different games, which ranged from simple tap-games to games that required good hand-eye-coordination with tilting a Samsung tablet. There was also an interactive game, and a hangman-based game. The games used various series of code that would allow their games to function, and for many of these students, who had already experienced simple code functions, this was a whole new level for them. The app development was also a way for the students to explore their creativity and work together as a team.

The projects, however simple the code might’ve been, proved to be difficult for many of them, due to the system used and trying to perfect their apps.

“It was challenging but fun,” said sophomore Caden Brown, “and it took us a little more than a week. The hardest thing was the program we used, because it couldn’t a lot, so we had to work around it.”

“The hardest thing was trying to put all of our ideas into fruition,” said senior Kaleb Kolesar, “but it was fun to see our app come to life, and it was cool to start something from scratch.”

The app design was part of the lesson plan for the programming class, and the students are prepared to take on more serious coding with databases, and to start implicating that into future projects. The students are happy with their projects, and want to continue learning with them.

“I’m excited to see what we do next, because in today’s age,” said Kolesar, “this is stuff that we should probably know for the future, because many jobs now revolve around coding and programming.”

The class hopes to expand next year, and use more resources, tools, and assets to improve the programming class. For the current students, they want to sharpen their skills and tackle harder projects, and for the future students, the class is excited to continue to grow and produce better projects, and maybe one day, one of these students could create an essential app that everybody would use; the sky's the limit for the students at Homer-Center.