Meet the Staff!

Garrett Mock is a senior writer and editor of the HC Obsever. He also participates in football, track and field, is the Secretary for National Honors Society, is Spanish Club and Interact Club, and is on the Quiz Bowl team. Outside of school, he works at Subway, loves to play sports, and enjoys writing on his free time. He likes food, sports, and his girlfriend, and dislikes injuries, timelines, and being stressed. He is a member of the HC Observer because he loves to interact with his school and community, and has been writing for several years, and loves to do it.

Julieann Alexander is a sophomore writer, an editor for the Observer, and a student writer for the Indiana Gazette. She also is a member of media club, and does announcements. Outside of school, she hangs out with her friends, writes in her free time, and studies. She likes listening to music, talking, and going to Yellow Creek. She doesn’t like being put aside, being underestimated, or when people are disrespectful. She is a member for the HC Observer because she loves writing and wants to do it as much as she can.

Hi, I'm Mariah Strong, and I am a freshman. The only club I am in is Newspaper Club/HC Observer,but am also in the behind the scenes in the Morning Announcements. Outside of school, I am known as a gymnast. I have been a gymnast since I was three years old. I like animals, art, and ice cream! But spiders, stink bugs, and green jolly ranchers I do not like so much! I enjoy being apart of the HC Observer. I chose to be apart of it because I find writing and sharing good news as a passion with my favorite teacher Mrs.Magolis.

Hi, I’m Kyersten Gett and I am a freshman here at Homer-Center High School. The only club that I am in is Newspaper/HC Observer and work behind the scenes in the morning announcements. I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, and MMA six days a week for, three to four hours. I’ve been training for almost 4 years! It’s the thing I love the most! I love many other things like animals, food, and my family! I also have many dislikes; math, spiders, and morning alarms. I am a member of the HC Observer because I love writing, photography, editing, and my favorite teacher, Mrs.Magolis! I can’t wait to keep doing newspaper, I’m excited for this journey to begin.

Hi, I’m Nadia Fairman and I’m a freshman at Homer-Center High School. I am involved in Newspaper, Spanish club, and the morning announcement team. A few things that I enjoy are fashion, summer time, traveling and discovering new things/places. Things I dislike are birds!!!! The reason I am a part of the newspaper staff is because I enjoy writing and reporting on topics that are important and that would interest people.

Hello, Earthling. I am Ally George and I am a writer/photographer for H-C Observer. Besides being in the Newspaper, I am in Book Club and Spanish Club. Some of my hobbies outside of school are taking photos, DIY, taking care of animals, and writing/reading. I love animals(mostly cats), learning, and conspiracy theories. One of my dislikes(and one of my fears) is bugs/Insects. I joined H-C Observer because I love writing and I thought it would be a new experience for me.

Michaela Catalano is a freshman at Homer-Center High School. She is a writer, an editor, and a photographer for the HC Observer. She participates in Marching Band, Indoor Percussion, Track and Field, the musical, Spanish Club, Interact Club, FCA, Chess Club, and Book Club. Outside of school, she enjoys reading and spending time with friends. She likes books, animals, and traveling. She dislikes insects, early mornings, and black coffee. She is a part of the HC Observer because she enjoys writing and engaging with the community.

Miranda Federinko is a senior writer and editor for the HC Observer. She participates in Interact Club, yearbook, and is on the quiz bowl and impromptu speech teams. Outside of school she participates at Sharon’s School of Dance as a dancer and student assistant and works at Eat'n Park and American Eagle. She likes dance, Netflix, food, and friends but dislikes spiders, getting up before 6am, and feeling stressed. She is a member of the HC Observer because she loves working in communications and wants to know what’s trending and new.

Hi, I’m Gabi Page. I’m a freshman and I’m a writer for the HC Observer. I also participate in volleyball, track & field, and the musical. Outside of school, I like to sing, go for bike rides, hang out with my friends, and write on my free time. I like music, writing, sports, school, and Chinese food. But, I dislike bugs, cold weather, and ketchup. I like being a part of the HC Observer because I love to write, and Mrs. Magolis is one of the best teachers ever!!