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Relocated? Own rental property? HomeNet International provides reliable and convenient property management, bill payment and mail forwarding services in the greater Boston area.
We’ve been told that “HomeNet is like a safety net”. Whether it’s handling an unanticipated problem or everyday business, we’re committed to providing dependable, personalized service that you can count on. We work with you to select the combination of services that best meet your needs.

Property Management

Whether you are a single family home owner or a landlord with multiple properties, we can take care of the management details. HomeNet is an around-the-clock local and trusted resource for you and your tenants. We coordinate regular maintenance and repairs, oversee emergency situations, and conduct regular property inspections. We consult with you and your realtor through the rental process and assist with lease preparation. We manage and maintain a tenant escrow account in compliance with the Massachusetts security deposit statute. If you choose to leave your home unoccupied, we provide special management services for your vacant property.

Bill Payment

HomeNet can manage your bill payment with personalized escrow account services. We keep you informed with a monthly financial statement and a final year end report to help with tax preparation.

Mail Forwarding

Our mail forwarding service provides you with reliable and predictable delivery of your personal correspondence, gift, and merchandise shipments in the US or overseas.

Service Area

In order to maintain the highest quality service, we focus our business within a 50 mile radius of the greater Boston area.
For over twenty-five years HomeNet has been helping employees who are relocated long distances bridge the gap between life here and away from home, and we’ve partnered with property owners to save them time and worry. Whether you’re moving across the country or across the ocean, or doing business as a landlord, our range of property and business management services can make your life easier.

Why Choose Us?

Peace of Mind.

We’re focused.

Property and personal business management services are HomeNet’s sole focus. We devote one hundred percent of our energy to keeping our clients satisfied and pride ourselves on the personal, reliable, and conscientious service we provide.

We’re organized and accountable.

We keep extensive records of work done and bills paid, track lease start and expiration dates, and note phone calls and special directions, so you never have to guess the status of your home or accounts. Our monthly financial statements and regular property inspection reports provide a permanent record of all activities.

We’re well connected.

We utilize the service providers of your choice, but if the situation requires it we can delve into our extensive network. From plumbers, painters, and electricians to real estate, insurance, legal, and financial advisors, we can recommend a range of well-respected professionals.

We’ve been around the block (many blocks, in fact).

HomeNet has been in business for years. So no matter what situation arises, there’s a very good chance we’ve dealt with it before and can apply our experience, expertise, and know-how to resolve it.

You deserve a good night’s sleep.

We understand that your home or investment property is one of your most valuable possessions; you shouldn’t lie awake nights wondering if it’s okay. Whether inspecting your property, overseeing a repair, or paying your bills on time, we’re very particular about getting things right. And of course we’re properly bonded and insured.

Frequently Asked Questions

What area do you cover?

In order to maintain the highest quality service, we focus our business within about a 50-mile radius of the greater Boston area.

I want to use HomeNet’s services for some peace of mind - how do we get started?

Please let us know of your interest by phone or email. We will discuss your needs and requirements over the phone and in person so that we can become acquainted with you and your property. We have some helpful checklists and reference materials for you to read in advance of our meeting. There will be some paperwork to fill out and we will sign a contract with you prior to the start of our services.

How often will you check my property?

When a home or property is tenant-occupied we will complete an exterior inspection of the property each month or on an as-needed basis to manage unexpected issues or emergencies.. If the property is vacant (not occupied by a tenant) we will complete an interior and exterior inspection each week (or as agreed upon).

I own more than one property. Can you look after them?

Yes. We will be happy to assist you with property management and bill payment for your investment property or vacation home.

I don’t own a single family home or condo, but do own a multiple unit building, can you help?

Yes. You can rely on us to assist you with the day-to-day management of your property and to represent you in a positive and professional manner.

What happens if something breaks or stops working at my property?

HomeNet will consult with your tenants and may visit the property to determine the extent of the problem. If necessary, the service provider of your choice will be contacted to complete the necessary repairs. If complex decisions are required, or information is needed from you, we will contact you by phone or email. We will manage the process from start to finish to ensure that repairs or replacement are done to complete satisfaction.

What happens if my tenants stop making rent payments?

HomeNet monitors the arrival of rent payments each month. If a tenant is late making their payment, we will make a friendly reminder phone call after a 3-5 day grace period. If the late payment(s) persist, we will consult with you to determine the preferred course of action. HomeNet will work with you and your tenants to resolve this as quickly as possible.

How do I provide funds for my HomeNet escrow account?

Funds can be deposited into your account via rent payments, check, payroll direct deposit, wire transfer, or automatic transfers from your personal bank account. We can also deposit personal checks from other sources as directed by you.


“Did anyone ever tell you you’re lifesavers?”

“When we moved to Europe, we left behind our home of 20 years. HomeNet took care of the house, made sure our bills were paid, and added greatly to our peace of mind.”

“You took all the stress of managing a home from us and made it possible with great efficiency and expertise.”

"I really appreciate having HomeNet help me through all these issues.""By assisting us in managing repairs, checking in on the property, and handling crucial conversations, you provided us with great peace of mind."
“All that you and the entire team have done over the years is greatly appreciated.”“Thank you for making it so easy for me! You have all been so wonderful.”

“It was so helpful knowing you were there to help and offer advice”

“Receiving our mail package from HomeNet is like being a freshman in college and receiving a care package from home!”
“Thanks for your exceptional service and patience over the last four years.”“I couldn’t be more pleased with the very high level of service that you and your company provide.”
“Thank you for your reliable and professional services.”“We can’t thank you enough for making sure that our packages arrived here in such a short amount of time. You made our baby’s first birthday the best day ever for her!”
“Thank you very much for your helpful and consistent service.”
“We feel that in our absence our house is in safe hands.”“It was a comfort knowing that we had someone to rely on in difficult situations.”
“I have been a client of HomeNet for the past 15 months and during that period have found them to be completely trustworthy, detailed, prompt, and efficient.”

“It was a pleasure to know that I could rely on someone to manage things in my absence.”

Julie O’BrienPresident

Letter from the President

When I became President of HomeNet in 1995, I wanted to know our clients as individuals, not numbers. I wanted them to feel fully confident that their homes and investment properties were in good hands and that I was committed to providing professional and reliable service, day in and day out.
In the years since, we’ve upheld this philosophy. We maintain our high quality of service by tailoring the size of our business to the needs of our clients. We pay close attention to each client’s particular requirements. Depending upon what a client wants, we make regular property inspections, provide written reports with digital photos, monitor tenant payments, and coordinate and supervise maintenance and repairs. We also collect, sort, and forward mail, pay bills, send wire and electronic transfers, and manage other aspects of your personal business.
Many clients value us not only for the specific services we offer, but for our ability to handle unexpected emergencies or forgotten details. We’ve shipped prescription pet food, had flowers delivered, picked up forgotten dry cleaning, and conquered pest infestations and ice dams. Every year we add something new to the list.
I want you to know that you are in good hands. I hope that you’ll contact us and we can start making your life easier.
Julie M. O’BrienPresidenthomenet@homenetinternational.com

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