Hi Toucans,

I hope that you have had a fun first week at home and have enjoyed exploring the tabecat page of the website, I can see that lots of you have logged onto Sumdog and Bug Club, well done.

Your home learning tasks for the week beginning 30th April are below.

Maths- We were going to start some work on statistics this week, collecting and recording information.

Try to collect some information and record it in a tally chart, this could be what your family and friends' favourite animals are, how much fruit you eat across the week or the different insects you can find in your garden. I have then set you a '2 do' in Purple Mash that will allow you to turn your information into a pictogram. When you log into it, it will show cars at the bottom, but you can change the pictures to suit the information you have collected.

You can also revise some of the maths learning we have already done this year on https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ . White Rose Maths home learning are providing daily lessons that you can do at home and support how we teach Maths at school. The lessons from last week and for this week are on fractions, something that is always worth practising!

English- Write a pirate adventure story.

Use all the things that we have learnt about pirates to help you to write a story of them setting sail on an adventure. Think about describing the characters and settings and what problems they may face on the way. You could even link this to our work in Geography this term on continents and oceans- what oceans do they travel across, what continents do they get to?

Along with our Toucan Page, Mr Wiskin has also set up his own PE lessons page to help you all to stay active, check it out and give it a try. I have already been hearing that lots of you are also doing Joe Wick's live PE lesson, keep it up!

I have also set you some challenges on Sumdog- a maths challenge and spelling challenge (using the spellings you were learning for this week's test.) Give them a go and I will check how you are doing over the next week. Please also remember to keep reading and sharing stories!

Finally a big thank you to everyone who has already emailed Me or Mrs Edney, or added items to the 'At Home' page of the website, it has been lovely to see what you have been up to and seeing all the fun you are having makes us smile.

Have a lovely week, take care,

Mrs Nethersole

PS- I wonder if there are any of the Easter eggs left, my bet is that they have all been eaten already!

Hi Toucans!

Well done for finding our Class page on the website. I hope that you are well and enjoying your time at home playing and having lots of fun!

This week I would like you to make sure that you can log onto all the online learning platforms through the Tabecat page to make sure that you can access everything and have a little play while you are on there. If anyone has any issues with logging on, please email me on nnethersole@holytrinityhalstead.com

I would also like you to read something every day! Any type of reading or sharing stories is great, comics, magazines and of course Bug Club! (I will be keeping online Bug Club book bags stocked up - but please let me know if yours has run out!)

If at any point you would like to email me (or Mrs Edney eedney@holytrinityhalstead.com ) about what you have been up to we would love to know how you are and what you are doing with your time. You can also share what you've been up to on our At Home page.

Miss you all!

Mrs Nethersole