These are online quizzes for you to answer & mark yourselves.

The quiz is part of our home learning resources and so designed as something for children and adults to do together. The goal is for it to be a bit of fun for all ages - not necessarily an easy thing to achieve but I've tried!

Answers to each round are available via the same menu.

You can visit the site each day if you wish to answer & mark the questions two rounds at a time, or you use them all at the same time and have your own complete quiz night. It just depends on how to wish to play along.

Ways To Play - You can use these quizzes any way you want of course, but here are some possible ways to get involved.

1) Together as a family. All trying to work out the answers between yourselves.

2) In teams within your family. Maybe take it in turns to be quizmaster!

3) In teams against other families, comparing your scores.

4) Meet up with others using video software* and have a quiz night (or nights)!

There are no prizes for these quizzes - unless you want to award yourselves any! They are just for fun!

Although they obviously have a slightly different vibe to my quiz nights, it is still the case that everyone is welcome to join in. Please spread the word about them, if they're useful beyond the Holy Trinity family then that's great.

I hope you enjoy the quizzes!

Mr. Handy 🖐️

*A guide to various video-conferencing options with e-safety and usage pros & cons can be found by clicking here.