Hi Jaguars!

Hope you are all ok and adjusting to your new school (a.k.a home!). I have created a weekly plan of tasks for you to do this week. For the grown-ups: this weekly plan can be used at your discretion or even not used at all if you have devised your own or feel free to pick and choose any bits you prefer. This is not set in stone and some people may have other ideas about their home-learning but I know some people like a bit of structure to their day so this is for those people really! I shall see how this plan goes and if it doesn't work well then I can change the way I set pieces of work. Again, this is all new to all of us so it will be a case of trial and error. For the weekly plan, please go to the tab at the top of the page 'Work set for the week'.

These tasks will be set weekly on a Monday.

Remember to ensure you all take time out to relax and to focus on mindfulness. Jaguars, remember you can log in to the websites we use such as Sumdog, TT Rockstars and Purple Mash - it is better to go via Tabecat on our school website as the log in is easier.

Keep up with the daily reading too!

Next update: Monday 6th April

Take care

Mrs. Thomson

If you'd like to share with us what you've been up to you can email me or post to our At Home page.