Friday 3rd February 2023


Here are some photos of our week exploring Fantastic Flights to Faraway Places. 

NSPCC Number Day - Thank you to everyone who brought in a donation for today's non-uniform day. 

Have a lovely weekend. &

Friday 27th January 2023


What an eventful week Hammerheads have had! It's been a week full of hard work and concentration across all areas of the curriculum.

We are so very proud of the children's writing this week. We have been building up to a detailed piece of writing where we are using persuasive writing features to create a leaflet all about our lovely school. Today, the children put together all these features and wrote a detailed piece of writing persuading the reader that Holy Trinity is the best school! 


Once again, lots of lovely homework arrived into school Wednesday for us to celebrate. Well done and keep up the hard work at home. 


Next week is Fantastic Flights To Far Away Places Project. Across the curriculum, the children will be exploring and investigating flight. On Friday, it is NSPCC Non-Uniform Number Day. Disco tickets for Friday will be on sale after school everyday next week. 

Finally, have a great weekend. 

Mrs Cuthbert and Mr Handy &

Friday 20th January 2023


It has been a pleasure to spend the whole week with Hammerheads. We have had a fun and hardworking week.


Each child has been set 3 targets: Reading, Writing and Maths. These targets have been shared with each child and copies stuck into their Home School Books. 


Thank you for all the Homework that was given in on Wednesday. I love to see all the children's efforts and reward them for this. I'm looking forward to lots more next week. Spare sheets can be collected from the classroom if necessary. Well done Hammerheads!


I was wowed by the presentations this week. I was so impressed by the knowledge of the children and the time spent preparing for their presentations. I cant wait for next Wednesday! 

TT Rock Stars

The children have been working hard in class learning their 3x tables and they will be moving on to their 4x table next week. Any time spent collecting points on TT Rock Stars will support their Times Table recall. 

Finally, have a great weekend. 

Mrs Cuthbert and Mr Handy &

Friday 13th January 2023


Hammerheads have had a hardworking and fun week. The 2 Johns E-Safety talk, on Wednesday, gave the children an opportunity to show off their internet knowledge when we competed in a quiz against Year 4. Yes, Hammerheads beat Year 4! 

We have been working hard recalling our times tables facts daily. We have learnt to exaggerate our language and persuade the adults why their pencil was the most magnificent and give detailed reasons why. We have some budding actors in Hammerheads! Homework sheets were sent home on Wednesday. We have spares if needed. Library books were changed today, Friday. 

Thank you all for making yourself known to me and welcoming me to Holy Trinity. Mrs Cuthbert.

Have a great weekend, &

Friday 6th January 2023

Hello and Happy New Year!

We've had two fun days to kick start our Spring Term. In English, we have explored 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The horse'  by Charlie Mackesy and describing what makes a kind and brave friend. After much debate, we all decided that 'if at first you don't succeed, eat some cake!' Multiplication has been our focus in Maths and will continue to be this half term. We have been recalling our 2, 5 and 10 times tables, with actions, for fun! Each child has a new reading book and Library book to share with you at home. Happy Reading! In French, we have had more fun identifying and recalling the names of instruments in french. Tres bien! Sharing the uniqueness of our families has been the PSHE focus,  while not forgetting our family pets.  


Homework - New homework sheets will be sent home next Wednesday, with the first set due in the following week. Again we've tried to make the activities useful, interesting, and not too onerous. There is one sheet for the whole of the Spring Term and nine activities for nine weeks. Interaction slipped with some children a bit towards the end of last term as Christmas approached. We'll be reminding the children of this trick, but maybe pick some of the tasks you find less enjoyable early on so you have the fun ones to look forward to! 

Please try not to lose the homework sheet - we had a lot go missing last term - but know that it will also be available on the class website if it is misplaced. Losing your sheet isn't really a reason for not doing any homework.

Finally on homework, well done to the children for generally being great at remembering to ask for the comprehension activities in good time to get them done.

Presentations - We have only a few children left to do their first presentations. So Mr. Handy can see everyone do a presentation, the last few will be taking place on Tuesdays. Once the whole class has done one, we'll go round again for a second set but go back to Wednesdays with Mrs Cuthbert watching them. We will have something a little different in the Summer Term once everyone has had two goes...

E-Safety - Next Wednesday we have another visit from The Two Johns, who will be talking about e-safety with pupils, staff, and parents. Details of the virtual meeting for parents in the evening will be sent out via the app but do keep the time free if you can, it is a very useful and valuable session.

And that's it for now...


Thank you all for making me so welcome. The children have been so helpful around school showing me where to go and reminding me of routines etc. I am so looking forward to being part of your child's continuing learning journey through Year 3. Mrs Cuthbert.


I'm looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday morning! Mr. Handy

Have a great weekend, &

Wednesday 21st December 2022


It's the shortest day of the year, so everything will start getting lighter again now!

Only a little week, but we packed a lot in including: cooking four different festive treats; having the nature of the universe explained to us by Friday O'Leary; watching A Muppet Christmas Carol and learning a bit about Charles Dickens and his original book; partying; enjoying the Nativity; watching an adaptation of Danny The Champion Of The World and discussing how it was difeerent from the book; Sumdog & Times Tables Rockstars; an exciting quiz recap on the books and topics we have covered this term using the laptops; and we had a visit from Father Christmas!


Party Food - Thank you... I was somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of party food that was brought in yesterday. I was not expecting as much and I thank you for your generosity. We got through a lot of it during our party/disco but have saved some until after Christmas. The class are very close to reaching their reading target and so will be owed a treat - the extra party food we have here will make it extra special.

Cooking - We hope you and the children enjoy their Christmas cooking. It, and the other little items in the parcel, are a gift from all the adults in Hammerhead Class. We certainly had fun making them and a lot of handwashing went on before & during the process! I sent home the recipes and ingredient lists so you can see what you are eating. 

Homework - As usual, there is no formal homework over the Christmas period. I just asked the children to a) Read as much as possible; b) Have lots of fun; c) Be safe; and d) Be as kind and helpful at home as possible! I would ask though that it is kept in mind that we will be hitting multiplication and division head on in January, so any time spent on Times Tables Rockstars wouldn't hurt. New homework grids will be handed out on the first Wednesday back (11th).

First Day Back- The children will have Mrs Cuthbert on their return to school on Thursday 5th January. There will be PE, so children should come to school in their PE kit. As Mrs Cuthbert would like to get to know the children as quickly as possible it may be a slightly shorter session on that day, but it will return to being a full morning the following week. Mrs Cuthbert & I have spent most of today sorting out next year in Hammerhead Class. I know it's going to be a very positive and exciting Spring Term! 

Thank You - I would like to thank you all for your kind words and gifts this week, and for your support during the Autumn Term - it is all very much appreciated. I'd also like to thank the people who help Hammerhead Class tick - Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Mann, Miss Phillips, and Mrs Trevanion - without them we'd not be able to do half the exciting and enjoyable things we manage to fit in. Thanks too to Mrs Clegg who makes sure the classroom is spick and span, Mr. Beswick for accomodating and facilitating my classroom alterations, and the office staff for all their help with admin jobs behind the scenes. There are countless other people at school who make Hammerhead Class function - no class is an island - and I thank them all too. Only one more thank you before it turns into an Oscars speech...

Last but not least thank you to the children of Hammerhead Class , who are growing into being juniors at such a pace that they already seem much older and more mature than in September. It's been a pleasure teaching them and, albeit for two days a week in 2023, I am looking foward to more adventures before they move on to Year 4...!

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Mr. Handy

Friday 16th December 2022


The last full week of this term was all prepared, and then it snowed... Still, we managed to fit in: making snowmen in teams; painting animals on stones; discovering A Christmas carol; creating double-page showcases of our science learning; a short lesson via Google Meet; home learning; games in PE; singing The Holly and the Ivy in class and in front of an audience (twice); visiting the school library; having a mega-WOW assembly and sweeping the raffle clean; finding out what the Romans have ever done for us; knowing at last what a pantomime was and, in several cases, becoming incredibly excited by it; and THE TRUTH IS A LEMON MERINGUE!


Non-Uniform Day - As Red Team won the house point title for the autumn term they have been awarded a non-uniform day on Monday. 

Christmas Carol Service - Well done to all the children for their singing in the Carol Services on Thursday afternoon. I loved their enthusiasm, and the actions which they made up and chose to do all by themselves.

Cards - There are still a lot of Christmas cards to give out on Monday, please don't worry if it occurs to you that your child's haven't been delivered yet!

Party - We will be having a Christmas party on the morning of Tuesday 20th December. We will be playing games and having a Christmas dance, but there will be no need for party clothes. A small donation of party food (in its original packaging so we can check for allergies please) would be greatly appreciated for the children to enjoy. 

And that's it I think. I'll send out a final message of 2022 next week, but in the meantime enjoy these photos of the children in the snow on Monday, and have a safe weekend.

See you on Monday!

Mr. Handy

Tuesday 13th December 2022


Our online lesson is from 12pm - 12.30pm. You'll need to login to Google Meet using your Tabecat email address and password - the same ones you use to login to the Chromebooks at school. The instructions are below. Our code word is 'hammerhead'.

I've also got some other tasks for you to do today when we're not in the live lesson. The documents are linked in the titles.

1) Christmas Traditions Comprehension (link) - Just like the ones we have for homework, I'm happy for this to be a collaborative effort. The reading of the text, and the discussions about the answers, are just as important as the written answers. There are three versions of the same comprehension at different levels of difficulty - 1*, 2* & 3*. You don't need to do all three! Just choose the one you are most comfortable with. If you can't print this off at home, you can do the answers on paper. 

2) What I Have Learned About The Stone Age & The Romans! (link) - Again, if you've not got a printer you can do this on paper. We'll stick this in your topic books when we're back in school, and it's a task we were going to in class. It doesn't need to be an essay in each box, but you should put something. I know you are packed full on Stone Age & Roman knowledge, show it off! If you'd like to do a drawing or two as well that would be lovely.

3) Practice The Holly and the Ivy! (Especially the verses...)

4) Indoor PE (link) - Mr. Wiskin has provided some PE activities for you to try if you'd like to get active!

5) Have a lovely, safe day.

Hopefully see you at 12 from my spaceship, please have a pen/pencil & paper with you. We're not going to do a lot of writing but it will help.

Mr. Handy

PS- Here's the Countdown game we played in the live lesson.

Friday 9th December 2022


Before I go through the week, this is the song Hammerhead Class are singing in the Christmas Carol Service at St. Andrew's Church next week. I have also sent home the words to practice. We won't have them in church so they need to know them. We've been singing it a lot in class and we're really good at the chorus - just the verses to work on now! 

Please practice it at home if you have time.

01 The Holly And The Ivy Video.mp4

And, now, the week. We have been: creating a gorilla and a gruffalo with newspaper, glue, and tissue paper; meeting Mrs Cuthbert; painting rocks for Colchester Zoo; making Christmas lunch placements; decorating and hanging out baubles for the school Christmas Tree; enjoying Danny's victory; practising spellings and handwriting; starting a double-page recap on all the work we have done this term; recapping our maths and working on inverse operations; using our knowledge of alphabetical order to take part in a dictionary scavenger hunt; making skeletons; stretching our muscles; finding out about Roman gods and goddesses; going to the school library; taking part in a colouring competition; watching presentations; handing in homework; apprendre plus de noms d'animaux en français; rocking to Rocksteady; reading online and offline; completing online maths challenges; and ducking to avoid an angry fairy with a frying pan...


There is a lot of information on the school newsletter which can be found here: so these are just the Hammerhead Class-specific notices.

Christmas Cards - If your child wishes to bring in Christmas cards please make sure the class name/year group is on the envelope as well as the name as they will be going in the post box. Along with the words to The Holly and the Ivy I have printed out a list of all the children in the class. This is not an expectation that you should send in cards, but we've been asked for the list by several children & parents and it's easier to send it out to everyone with the lyrics than ask who wants one.

Art Solutions - Just a word to say how great Hammerhead Class were when Art Solutions were in at the start of the week. It was quite a mixed up couple of days with groups in and out of the class at random times but there were enthusiastic, engaged, and handled it all very well. I'm proud of them all.

Homework - Next week is the last week of homework this half term, and the last set of presentations for now. A new homework grid will be sent out after Christmas, and presentations will resume a couple of weeks into the term. There will be no homework, other than reading and informally practising quick recall of number facts, over the Christmas holiday. Thank you for your continued support of homework and reading. 

Lunchboxes & Bottles (and Hats & Gloves) - We've had a small spate of mislaid non-uniform items such as lunchboxes and water bottles. These items are generally only used in whole-school settings and so are easily mixed up with other classes' things. Please name, and check the clarity of the name, on all lunch and cold-weather items brought to school so they are easily returned, and less likely to be taken home by someone else by mistake. Thank you! 

Mrs Cuthbert - It was great to see Mrs Cuthbert on Monday during Art Solutions. She came in for the afternoon and met all the children. I am really looking forward to her working with Hammerhead Class from January.

And that's it for now. We look forward to you joining us, if you are able, for the Christmas Carol Service at St. Andrew's Church on Thursday afternoon and the special Christmas WOW on Friday morning. 

Have a great weekend, wrap up warm, and we'll see you on Monday.

Mr. Handy

Friday 2nd December 2022


Another earlier one as I'll be at the PTFA Christmas Bazaar after school. I hope to see you there!

This week we have been: silently lying on the ground in a dark wood hoping not to be spotted; discussing Paul Daniels again - his tissue trick this time; writing about stars in jars and clouds in buckets; exchanging, finding complements, and estimating numbers; querying self-made databases; practicing handwriting and spellings; imagining we were Roman governors, traders, and soldiers,  slaves from Gaul, Celtic farmers, and Boudica, at the the time of the Iceni uprising; composing and writing up class prayers; seeing if there is a connection between the length of a person's femur and how far they can jump by conducting a fair test; watching some great presentations; hanging up Christmas decorations; reading on and offline; doing digital sums; cracking open the Advent calendar; visiting the school library; designing and starting to paint our Colchester Zoo stones; decorating the classroom via practice of using a ruler and scissors accurately; et a commencé à apprendre les noms des animaux en français. And then to the bazaar!


Art Days - We have holding our whole school Art Days on Monday and Tuesday next week. If any of you have any old newspapers or square/rectangular 1 litre ice cream or margarine tubs please do send them in on Monday morning. Apparently we need loads!

Mrs Cuthbert - I'm delighted that Mrs Cuthbert will be joining us on Monday afternoon during the first Art Day. It will be a lovely, informal way for the children to meet her. 

Christmas Lunch - The deadline for ordering a Christmas lunch is next Wednesday, 7th December. 

Christmas Jumper Day - We are celebrating Save The Children's Christmas Jumper Day on Thursday, 8th December. In exchange for a donation to help children in the UK and across the world the children are invited to come to school in a Christmas jumper or t-shirt with their usual school uniform underneath. We have PE on that day, so the children can wear their Christmas top for PE. Please note, if it is a jumper with sticky-out bits or integral lights (!) it won't be suitable for PE so please send in a different jumper to change into. If you have any questions about this please see me at the door. 

And I think that's it!

Have a great weekend, and thank you in advance for your support of the PTFA Christmas Bazaar this afternoon.

Mr. Handy

Friday 25th November 2022


We are, astonishingly, over half way through this half term. Not long until Christmas!

This week we have been...writing about stars found in bins; considering the idea that we are made of stardust that is billions of years old; exchanging numbers in subtraction calculations; finishing setting up our own databases and then populating them; practicing handwriting and spellings, marvelling at Roman mosaics hidden under a farmer's field for nearly 2000 years; giving ourselves Roman names, minting coins with our faces on, and learning that AGRICOLA.SERVAT.NAUTAM; feeling astonished that teachers used to cane their pupils, and wondering if The Sleeping Beauty will work; revising skeleton types and trying to remember protection - support - movement; listening to amazing presentations; starting to decorate the classroom for Christmas; reading online and offline; visiting the school library; et l'apprentissage des couleurs en français!


Christmas Decorations - Thank you for the Christmas decorations that have been sent into school as homework. We've already got them on display, and they will be added to when the classroom turns into a grotto next week!

Newsletter - Everything else of note is on the school newsletter and so rather than repeat it all here I urge you to take a look online or dig the paper version out of your child's bag this evening...

And that's it for this week, short and sweet!

Have a great weekend, enjoy Halstead's Christmas events, and don't forget to vote for our Christmas Tree in St. Andrew's Church Christmas Tree Festival.

See you on Monday...

Mr. Handy

Friday 18th November 2022


I must sound a bit like a scratched record but it's been another busy week. It started with a visit to the school library and was followed with: writing poetry together about autumn and, independently, wInter; practice of number bonds to 20 and column addition with exchanging; creating our own databases; escaping from a deep pit in the dead of night; spellings and handwriting practice; learning about Roman society; making Christmas tree chains; trying to remember what invertebrates, vertebrates, endoskeletons, exoskeletons, and hydrostatic skeletons are, and their advantages and disadvantages; making and playing games; having a Close Shave during a wet lunchtime; another visit to the school library; drawing houses; reading online books and completing online sums; and having a party as reward for getting 50 class points!* And we had an open day where the class were, as expected, wonderfully well behaved and articulate when meeting our visitors...

Notices! Not many this week...

PTFA Christmas Cards & Gifts - Apologies again for the short turnaround on these but please ensure that all orders are in with Class Fundraising by Monday 28th November to ensure free postage to school. All items bought earn the school commisission that will be spent on our children.

Homework & Reading - Thank you again for your support with homework and reading - we already have some cracking Christmas decorations up in class! Please keep making a big effort to encourage your children to engage with texts. It doesn't have to be hearing them read, reading to them or just letting them look at a magazine or book indepedently is good too. (And don't forget the value of subtitles...)

PE Kit & Uniform - Please make sure that names are in all uniform and PE kit items (included hats and gloves) and that the names are checked regularly to make sure they are legible.

Doughnuts! - The PTFA are selling doughnuts after school this afternoon!

Children In Need - Thank you to everyone who brought in a donation for today's non-uniform day. 

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Handy

*As I type this we haven't had the party yet, but I think we probably will have by home time!

Friday 11th November 2022


What a feels like it's been longer than usual! It's been dominated by our visit to Colchester Castle Museum of course, but when we weren't travelling back in time we were: writing about Lady Autumn; adding and subtracting over 100s and starting on column addition; adding ourselves to databases; practicing spellings and handwriting; learning about baptisms; marvelling at a photo of a 48-year-old christening gown; ticking off Myon comprehension tasks and Sumdog challenges; remembering the sacrifices made by men and women in wars across the years; looking at food labels and trying to decide how healthy different foods are; marvelling at Paul Daniels; and driving an old Baby Austin down a country lane at 2.30 in the morning...


Colchester Castle Museum Visit - The children were great, and I hope that had an enjoyable time. We have already been referring back to elements of it in class, and will continue to do so over the coming weeks. You can see lots of photos here: and I'll be adding a few more over the weekend once we've got them off the other devices we took with us. Thanks to the staff who came with us, including a couple drafted in from other year groups, and to Mrs Riley in the school office who organised the coach and liaised with the museum.

Newsletter - Look out for the latest newsletter that was sent home today and which can be seen online here: 

Children In Need - Next Friday, the 18th November, is Children In Need Day. We are holding a non-uniform day, and are asking for a donation to help children across the UK. Please make sure that the non-uniform chosen is appropriate for school and for the weather.

PTFA Doughnut Sale - This is being held after school on Friday 18th November.

Class Rewards - Hammerhead Class are only 1 reward point away from their first treat of the year. I'm sure they'll get it by next Friday afternoon...

Homework, Reading, & Presentations - Thank you for your continued support of our work in school with your support of the children's work at home. It is great to see the children's homework, and the presentations so far have been amazing. (If you haven't heard your child is doing a presentation yet don't worry - we're doing three a week so it might be a while...)

And I think that's it. Well done again to Hammerhead Class for a brilliant visit to Colchester Castle, and I'll see you all on Monday.

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Handy

Friday 4th November 2022


First week back, and it's been busy! We have: kept practicing adding and subtracting single digit numbers over 10s and 100s; written a promotional booklet for Holy Trinity as an independent write; played Top Trumps and realised that lots of our favourite games are really just databases; learned spellings and practiced our handwriting; heard about fire balloons, 5-year-old mechanics, and poaching; found out how and why the Romans first came to these shores; thought about how much we can learn from old sculptures, and had a go at drawing them; discussed food groups, healthy eating, and the difference between surviving and thriving; played tag rugby; reached over half way to our Myon target; worked through written comprehensions together as a class; had a recap on the history of the Tudors and why we celebrate Bonfire Night on November 5th; and made sure we know the firework code.


Only a couple this week.

Colchester Castle Museum- We are very excited about going to the museum and have been learning about the Romans in Britain as part of our preparation. Thank you to everyone who has returned slips and paid. At the time of writing we are still waiting for a third of the class to pay. Whilst the cost of the visit is officially a voluntary contribution, and we can subsidise to a small extent, we are obviously not in a position to pay for so much of the visit ourselves to ensure that the visit goes ahead.

Payments can be made via 

Homework - Thank you again for your support with homework last half term. The new sheet went home this week and, because we are in Colchester next Wednesday, the first lot is due in on Thursday 10th November. We will go back to Wednesdays for the rest of the term. I hope the new activities are not seen as a chore, and there is enough variety for you and your children. A reminder that I am absolutely happy for all the homework to be a collaborative effort with you at home, but would obviously prefer it if the bulk of the work was one by the children. 

And that's it! Have a great weekend, and if you like them I hope you enjoy the fireworks and bonfires.

Mr. Handy

Friday 21st October 2022


It was great to see so many of you during Parents Evenings, and I look forward to finishing off the other few remaining meetings after the half term break. It's been a busy half term that seems to have gone very quickly. This week we have: thought about why people might want to visit Skara Brae; added and subtracted in 10s and 100s; completed reading assessments; talked about who 'minecraftbob' might be; reminded ourselves what to do if we feel worried about anything online; made torcs; learned about the Celts; made a list of key life events and discovered there aren't many that happen to everyone; watched some great presentations; finished this half term's homework sheet; played tennis; had our photos taken; travelled back in time on midsummer night and heard eeeeyooooooughTHUMP!; released the worms into the school compost heap; and written messages for loved ones at home.


Homework - There is no homework sheet over half term, a new list of activities will be handed out during the first week back. I hope you've found the things I've asked the children to do to be an interesting mix and not something that becomes a chore. Thank you for your support at home. Prior warning - there will be mention of Christmas on the next sheet... It would be great though if the children could read as much as possible over the break and informally, perhaps by playing dice games for example, practice their number bonds. 

The Phoenix - Apologies if I sounded like a salesman during Parents Evenings but I really do think The Phoenix magazine is great! You can buy it from here They currently have a 'six issues for £1' offer on, so even if the £10 a month subscription isn't something you want to commit to, you'll still get six of the weekly magazines at less than 17p each!

Newsletter - Don't forget to check out this week's newsletter here with lots of other notices, and some photos of Hammerhead Class pupils.

Torcs - In case you missed them, here are the photos of the children making, and wearing, their Celtic-style torcs. 

Wormeries - Also on the website, you can see the class with their wormeries just before the worms were released into our school compost heap. 

Lollipop Stick Figures - Following on from a conversation I had this week with a parent I thought I'd explain about the lollipop stick figures the children brought home last Friday. They were asked to write a message to a good friend on one of the sticks. The message was to tell that person how great they were, and how much they meant to them. Then they decorated the other stick and drew their own face on a piece of paper. Only when I was sticking them together did I tell them that they were making a model of themselves and that the message was for them, from them. There were lots of smiles...

Colchester Castle Visit - This is going to happen. The cost will be £18 per child unless something really unexpected happens over the next fortnight. We're just trying to confirm a date that works for the bus company, Colchester Castle, and the staff that we need to be able to take with us. Expect an update very soon, but we will be going. Apologies we don't have all the details just yet.

Before I sign off I'd just like to say well done the whole of Hammerhead Class. They have settled so well into being in Year 3 and you should be very proud of how they are progressing academically and as young people. I'll leave you with the class reading Charlie T's poem 'In The City' which he wrote for World Poetry Day.

Have a great half term break, and I'll see you back on Monday 31st October.

Mr. Handy

'In The City'

In The City.mp3

(On some devices this may open in a new tab/window.)

Friday 14th October 2022


To business...this week we have: written positive affirmations; recorded a poem; done some yoga; inputted data into a spreadsheet and created a graph; meditated; practiced handwriting and spellings; started writing a tourist brochure for Skara Brae; been counting in 50s; recapped our number bonds and (briefly) used them to work in billions; learned about the Bronze Age; reminded ourselves of the key things that makes Christians Christians; checked on our worms; found out about the structure of the Earth and wondered what would happen if we put our hand in lava, or the Outer Core, or the Sun; watched a grown man roll around on the floor under a table pretending to be lava; been amazed by the vastness of the universe; pondered why so many chocolate bars are named after things in space, and what the Milky Way really is; noticed the jigsaw-like qualities of the continents and learned why plate tectonics is the reason for it; had our minds blown thinking about how Neolithic humans got the Stonehenge stones from Wales to Wiltshire and then built a *insert your own ideas* with them; played tennis; taken part in a team Sumdog challenge; read physical and online books; completed some Maths Awards; visited the school library; appris à dire nos noms en français; shown kindness to (models of) ourselves; and been really excited trying to work out why there were two leopards...


Parents Evenings - All appointment slips have been sent home, please wait in the Year 6 room and you'll be sent through to the hall at your appointment time. 

Individual Photos - These are being taken on Thursday morning, when we have PE. Please send your children to school in their normal uniform, and their PE kit in a bag, and they can change at school after they've had their photos taken.

PTFA Disco - Tickets for the disco will be on sale before and after school all next week. Tickets must be bought in advance.

Colchester Castle Visit - Letters will be sent home next week with all details including a date.

We've had a lovely week in Hammerhead Class and they are all really getting to terms with being in Year 3.

Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll see you next week.

Mr. Handy

Friday 7th October 2022


What a week...with singing, comings and goings, and visitors!

Oats and Beans and Barley Grow - Hammerhead Class.mp3

Hammerhead Class singing Oats and Beans and Barley Grow for the Harvest Festival. (On some devices this may open in a new tab/window.)

In summary, we have: said hello and goodbye; completed lots of assessments sensibly and conscientiously and without complaining; checked on the worms, and found they're OK; been incredibly excited about lorries coming down a hill; seen different types of rock and how they weather differently over 100+ years; practiced handwriting and spellings; sung about crops with gusto; been fascinated by 5000 year old houses on Orkney, and wondered why one room had a door that could only be bolted from the outside; welcomed our adults from home into the classroom and eaten lots of biscuits; read online books and physical books; wondered why the Snargetts were seen as troublemakers when it was Barney who threw the first clod of earth; tracked a Great Hammerhead again; brought in food for Harvest; celebrated Harvest; learned lots of tennis-related words; written poetry; ordered numbers to 1000; watched a famous poet (see below), thought about what makes a good friend; and lots of other little things too.


International Mental Health Day - As the children will be taking part in yoga and mindfulness workshops on Monday they should come to school in their PE kits.

Harvest Festival - You can listen to the children singing 'Oats and Beans and Barley Grow' via the embedded player above. They did a brilliant job in our Harvest Worship Assembly, complete with dancing which I hope they will get you to join in with at home...

Colchester Museum Visit - We're putting the finishing touches to a visit to Colchester Museum and, as indicated at Books & Biscuits, it's looking like it's going to be £18 per pupil. This is down to the cost of the coach almost doubling since last year. Once we have the details sorted I'll let you know them via the app and a letter home.

Books & Biscuits - Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come in and see us on Tuesday. I know that it's not easy to manage being in school at 2.30 in the afternoon with jobs, appointments etc. but it is definitely appreciated by the children and the Hammerhead Team. We hope you enjoyed seeing the classroom and the children's books.

Parents Evening - I will send home times next week. I always like to leave it a bit late because there are often late changes as new slips come in. Everyone has their first choice though I think so you'll know roughly when. My timetable is very full at certain times though so if you've not got your slip in yet I sadly can't guarantee I'll be able to give you perfect time.

Presentations - Some of the children may have come home with talk of presentations they have to do. This is an extra homework activity that children will get instead of their homework grid activities once during the school year. They will get two weeks' notice when it's their turn.

And I think that's it...

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

Mr. Handy

Some poems written and performed by Michael Rosen - the children really enjoyed watching them.

No breathing in class.mp4
Hot Food.mp4
Chocolate Cake.mp4

History Links

Skara Brae - Kiddle - 

Skara Brae - Britain Express -

Skara Brae - National Geographic -

Remember only to visit these pages today, and if you see something you don't like take Tabecat's advice and OFF. TELL. NOW.

Friday 30th September 2022


October already! September must seem to have gone so quickly because we have been...writing our own Stone Age Boy/Girl stories independently; working with numbers up to 1000; adding very basic formula to spreadsheets and being amazed at what they do; practising handwriting and spelling; discovering my Stone Age people might not have been fans of fox hunting; creating wormeries; gathering fruits, and trying them stewed with honey (and realising how fortunate we are that our food supplies are not quite so affected by the weather these days); playing tennis; having a go at Sumdog challenges; extracting information from Stone Age foos information sheets; visiting the school library, singing about oats and beans and barley; learning about Bodhi Day; and (hopefully) realising just how special our friends in class think we are.


Visit To The Churchyard - On Monday afternoon we will be visiting the churchyard to sit and watch the traffic! The children will be collecting information on the number of cars that pass the school so we have some real-life data to use in our spreadsheets for making graphs. We won't be going anywhere near the road itself, and there will be lots of adults present.

Books & Biscuits - Hammerhead Class Books & Biscuits is next Tuesday, 4th October, at 2.30pm. We look forward to seeing you if you are able to make it. 

Harvest - The children have today brought home the words to our contribution to the Harvest Festival. We've sung it through in class so they will hopefully know the tune. If not, I've put a video below. Please encourage them to practice it, there aren't actually that many words, just the same thing repeated three times with changes only to pronouns. Our school Harvest Festival is taking place next Thursday. It's not an open invitation this year as it is taking place in the hall and there simply isn't enough room for all the children and all the parents, but I will record the class singing 'Oats and Beans and Barley Grow' and post it here next week. (We might even have a singalong during Books & Biscuits!)

Wormeries and Gathering - If you've not yet had a chance to see them, please take a look at the photos of the children creating wormeries, and gathering/eating fruits please do. They're on the school website here: 

Clothing - As Autumn is upon us please make sure that your children come to school with appropriate clothing for the cooler temperatures, and that all items are named. Thank you.

And that, I think, is it for now.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

Mr. Handy 

Oats And Beans And Barley Grow Hammerheads.mp4

As you will see on the sheet that has been sent home, the words we are singing are slightly different to this.

In ours the farmer is female in the second run through, and we're talking about all farmers in the third. Also, we're asking if any one knows how they grow rather than suggesting that noone knows at all!

However, this is the tune we are singing to.

We will be practising it at school as well.

Friday 23rd September 2022


This week. It's been lively after the sombre events of Monday. We have been: discovered the sorts of things that went on in a Stone Age community; catching fish and reindeer (see below); partitioning and exchanging numbers up to 1000; building Stone Age-style homes and testing them against terrible blasts of wind; finding out about the palaeontologist Mary Anning and how the patriarchy means that many important women from the past haven't received the credit they absolutely deserve; developed our ball skills; returned to the present day; talked about the Buddhist Eight-Fold Path; practiced our tables in TTRS & Sumdog; visited the school library; and found out why wood warms you twice. 


Stone Age Food - Next week we will be gathering fruits and cooking them with honey, as they could well have done during the Stone Age. It will be blackberries, apples, pears etc. - seasonal fruit - with honey. Looking through the medical notes for the class I don't believe there will be anything that would cause a problem, but if you have any questions or concerns please let me know at the door.

Big Plastic Bottles - If you have 2ltr plastic pop bottles at home please could you send them in on Monday? I was supposed to ask this last Friday but it slipped my mind. We need 10 in total for Tuesday and they need to be 2 litre bottle for reasons that will be revealed by the children next week...

Books & Biscuits - A reminder that Hammerhead Class Books & Biscuits, where you can pop in and see the classroom whilst sharing a book with your child, is on Tuesday 4th October at 2.30pm.

Stone Age Houses - If you haven't seen them already please check out the photos of the children's Stone Age houses on the website: 

Stone Age Hunting - We went outside and imagined we were hunting during the Stone Age to help us create exciting vocabulary for our writing. You can see the video here!

Homework - Thank you again for all the homework that has been completed this week. We now have it all up on the wall in class. 

And I think that's it for now.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Handy 

Hammerheads Hunting.mp4

Friday 16th September 2022


Another very busy week, it seems as if it had more than five days... In it we have: met a Stone Age girl called Om and seen her family doing lots of things around camp; moved from hundreds to thousands; started working with Google Drive and Google Docs; practiced spellings and punctuation; enjoyed The Twits and thought about whether people who are happy being angry really are happy; learning about what we can learn from cave paintings, and creating some paintings ourselves; wondered why a boy would carry a butterfly can opener around in his pocket all the time; were wowed by fossils and how they were formed; played tennis; logged into Myon and read some online books; discovered Buddhist temples and shrines; visited the school library; hunted around the school grounds for the sorts of fruits Stone Age people would have eaten; felt the warmth of the sun; and spent some time remembering the life of Queen Elizabeth II whilst looking onwards to King Charles III.


Cave Paintings - The children's fantastic cave paintings are available to see online here: 

School Library - The children all visited the school library this morning and took out a book. We'll be visiting each Friday, so please make sure they bring in their library book on that day, even if they don't want to change it. They can only take one book out of the school library at a time so if they do want a new book they have to bring the old one back!

Reading - With all the sorting of the first couple of weeks out of the way we'll be getting into the groove with regular reading from Tuesday. If your child wants to change their book please encourage them to tell us and we'll sort it.

Books & Biscuits - Our Books & Biscuits event, where you can come in and see Hammerhead Class and share a book with your child, is being held at 2.30pm on Tuesday 4th October. We look forward to seeing you.

Homework - Wow! Thank you for supporting your children with their homework. We were delighted to see it all and it is valued and shared with the rest of the class. All raffle tickets earned will be added to the draw in next week's WOW Assembly.

And I think that's it. Have a relaxing weekend and we'll see you again on Tuesday after the Bank Holiday.

Mr. Handy 

Friday 9th September 2022

Hello All!

What a busy first week... I usually start these updates with a slightly cryptic overview of the week's activities and then give some notices, so here we go with the first one of the year...

This week we have: caught up with the changes this new term (Learning Powers, Hammerhead Class Rules, homework, timetables, Golden Time rewards, presentation expectations, and more!); painted huge Stone Age animals (below); discovered Times Tables Rockstars; fallen into a chalk pit; fallen down a hole in the woods; revised place value and number lines; had our minds blown by the Stone Age timeline; had our minds blown by rocks; tracked a GPS great hammerhead shark; learned about Siddhārtha Gautama and his route to enlightenment; coloured in a dharma wheel mindfully; completed a few initial assessments in handwriting and reading; thought about what makes a good friend; and lots of other little things inbetween...and we haven't even really properly got going yet!


PE - Our PE day is on Thursday, and the children can come to school in their PE kits. Please remember that we will be outside for PE this term and so a warm, dark coloured tracksuit will be needed at some point when the weather turns colder.

Snacks - A change in Key Stage 2 is that break time snacks are not provided. Please send in a healthy, nut-free, snack if you wish your child to have something to eat at break time.

Homework - The first set of homework is due in on Wednesday - we've already had a couple of photos of children reading in unusual places! A reminder that for the two activities that require a sheet from school the children need to come and see us to collect them. This promotes greater independence in the children, and saves sending home paper that might not be used.

Reading Books & Reading - Every child now has a reading book and we will be hearing them read regularly. As ever with the start of a school year it might take a week or two to get everything working like clockwork, but please rest assured that we are on it and books will be changed regularly. As the children are now in Key Stage 2, we welcome them taking the initiative and asking us if they can change their books once they have read them. I must stress though that any reading (magazines, encyclopedias, comics, Pokemon cards, even subtitles on their favourite TV shows and movies!) is worthwhile, and there's never an issue with reading a book more than once. We've sent home a Home-School Reading Diary, please record any times you read with your child and we will do the same at school.

myON - In Key Stage 2 we do not use BugClub for online books. Instead we use myON. The children have all logged into it this week and can access it via using their usual login details.

Books & Biscuits - As with the rest of the classes at school we will be holding a Books & Biscuits session, where you can come in and see Hammerhead Class, in the coming weeks. I am just waiting to sort a couple of things before I choose the date. I will let you know all the details in next week's update.

Newsletter - There are lots of bits of information in the newsletter sent home today. It will soon be available in digital form on the school website 

Dates - Please take a look at to see dates for the forthcoming term. You can also look at the 'Events' tab in the app as the two calendars are synced together.

It's been a very enjoyable week in Hammerhead Class. I hope the children have had a good time too, certainly some of the nerves earlier in the week seem to have disappeared. They have done really well adjusting to being in Year 3 and I look forward to the year ahead! I'd also like to say thank you to Mrs Mann, Mrs Trevanion, Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Sandford and Miss Phillips for all their help and hard work this week, it's a great Hammerhead Team!

Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday.

Mr. Handy 

Collaborative artwork of animals found during the Stone Age, by Hammerhead Class

Welcome to Hammerhead Class!

There are lots of changes moving from Year 2 to Year 3 but nothing to worry about - we'll help you along the way! 

This mini-website contains a weekly mini-Hammerhead update, homework & spellings sheets in case you can't find yours, our curriculum newsletter, spellings, the Holy Trinity Passport, and a reminder about our online resources.

Hopefully you'll find it useful!

Mr. Handy