Friday 30th September 2022


October already! September must seem to have gone so quickly because we have been...writing our own Stone Age Boy/Girl stories independently; working with numbers up to 1000; adding very basic formula to spreadsheets and being amazed at what they do; practising handwriting and spelling; discovering my Stone Age people might not have been fans of fox hunting; creating wormeries; gathering fruits, and trying them stewed with honey (and realising how fortunate we are that our food supplies are not quite so affected by the weather these days); playing tennis; having a go at Sumdog challenges; extracting information from Stone Age foos information sheets; visiting the school library, singing about oats and beans and barley; learning about Bodhi Day; and (hopefully) realising just how special our friends in class think we are.


Visit To The Churchyard - On Monday afternoon we will be visiting the churchyard to sit and watch the traffic! The children will be collecting information on the number of cars that pass the school so we have some real-life data to use in our spreadsheets for making graphs. We won't be going anywhere near the road itself, and there will be lots of adults present.

Books & Biscuits - Hammerhead Class Books & Biscuits is next Tuesday, 4th October, at 2.30pm. We look forward to seeing you if you are able to make it.

Harvest - The children have today brought home the words to our contribution to the Harvest Festival. We've sung it through in class so they will hopefully know the tune. If not, I've put a video below. Please encourage them to practice it, there aren't actually that many words, just the same thing repeated three times with changes only to pronouns. Our school Harvest Festival is taking place next Thursday. It's not an open invitation this year as it is taking place in the hall and there simply isn't enough room for all the children and all the parents, but I will record the class singing 'Oats and Beans and Barley Grow' and post it here next week. (We might even have a singalong during Books & Biscuits!)

Wormeries and Gathering - If you've not yet had a chance to see them, please take a look at the photos of the children creating wormeries, and gathering/eating fruits please do. They're on the school website here:

Clothing - As Autumn is upon us please make sure that your children come to school with appropriate clothing for the cooler temperatures, and that all items are named. Thank you.

And that, I think, is it for now.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

Mr. Handy

Oats And Beans And Barley Grow Hammerheads.mp4

As you will see on the sheet that has been sent home, the words we are singing are slightly different to this.

In ours the farmer is female in the second run through, and we're talking about all farmers in the third. Also, we're asking if any one knows how they grow rather than suggesting that noone knows at all!

However, this is the tune we are singing to.

We will be practising it at school as well.

Friday 23rd September 2022


This week. It's been lively after the sombre events of Monday. We have been: discovered the sorts of things that went on in a Stone Age community; catching fish and reindeer (see below); partitioning and exchanging numbers up to 1000; building Stone Age-style homes and testing them against terrible blasts of wind; finding out about the palaeontologist Mary Anning and how the patriarchy means that many important women from the past haven't received the credit they absolutely deserve; developed our ball skills; returned to the present day; talked about the Buddhist Eight-Fold Path; practiced our tables in TTRS & Sumdog; visited the school library; and found out why wood warms you twice.


Stone Age Food - Next week we will be gathering fruits and cooking them with honey, as they could well have done during the Stone Age. It will be blackberries, apples, pears etc. - seasonal fruit - with honey. Looking through the medical notes for the class I don't believe there will be anything that would cause a problem, but if you have any questions or concerns please let me know at the door.

Big Plastic Bottles - If you have 2ltr plastic pop bottles at home please could you send them in on Monday? I was supposed to ask this last Friday but it slipped my mind. We need 10 in total for Tuesday and they need to be 2 litre bottle for reasons that will be revealed by the children next week...

Books & Biscuits - A reminder that Hammerhead Class Books & Biscuits, where you can pop in and see the classroom whilst sharing a book with your child, is on Tuesday 4th October at 2.30pm.

Stone Age Houses - If you haven't seen them already please check out the photos of the children's Stone Age houses on the website:

Stone Age Hunting - We went outside and imagined we were hunting during the Stone Age to help us create exciting vocabulary for our writing. You can see the video here!

Homework - Thank you again for all the homework that has been completed this week. We now have it all up on the wall in class.

And I think that's it for now.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Handy

Hammerheads Hunting.mp4

Friday 16th September 2022


Another very busy week, it seems as if it had more than five days... In it we have: met a Stone Age girl called Om and seen her family doing lots of things around camp; moved from hundreds to thousands; started working with Google Drive and Google Docs; practiced spellings and punctuation; enjoyed The Twits and thought about whether people who are happy being angry really are happy; learning about what we can learn from cave paintings, and creating some paintings ourselves; wondered why a boy would carry a butterfly can opener around in his pocket all the time; were wowed by fossils and how they were formed; played tennis; logged into Myon and read some online books; discovered Buddhist temples and shrines; visited the school library; hunted around the school grounds for the sorts of fruits Stone Age people would have eaten; felt the warmth of the sun; and spent some time remembering the life of Queen Elizabeth II whilst looking onwards to King Charles III.


Cave Paintings - The children's fantastic cave paintings are available to see online here:

School Library - The children all visited the school library this morning and took out a book. We'll be visiting each Friday, so please make sure they bring in their library book on that day, even if they don't want to change it. They can only take one book out of the school library at a time so if they do want a new book they have to bring the old one back!

Reading - With all the sorting of the first couple of weeks out of the way we'll be getting into the groove with regular reading from Tuesday. If your child wants to change their book please encourage them to tell us and we'll sort it.

Books & Biscuits - Our Books & Biscuits event, where you can come in and see Hammerhead Class and share a book with your child, is being held at 2.30pm on Tuesday 4th October. We look forward to seeing you.

Homework - Wow! Thank you for supporting your children with their homework. We were delighted to see it all and it is valued and shared with the rest of the class. All raffle tickets earned will be added to the draw in next week's WOW Assembly.

And I think that's it. Have a relaxing weekend and we'll see you again on Tuesday after the Bank Holiday.

Mr. Handy

Friday 9th September 2022

Hello All!

What a busy first week... I usually start these updates with a slightly cryptic overview of the week's activities and then give some notices, so here we go with the first one of the year...

This week we have: caught up with the changes this new term (Learning Powers, Hammerhead Class Rules, homework, timetables, Golden Time rewards, presentation expectations, and more!); painted huge Stone Age animals (below); discovered Times Tables Rockstars; fallen into a chalk pit; fallen down a hole in the woods; revised place value and number lines; had our minds blown by the Stone Age timeline; had our minds blown by rocks; tracked a GPS great hammerhead shark; learned about Siddhārtha Gautama and his route to enlightenment; coloured in a dharma wheel mindfully; completed a few initial assessments in handwriting and reading; thought about what makes a good friend; and lots of other little things inbetween...and we haven't even really properly got going yet!


PE - Our PE day is on Thursday, and the children can come to school in their PE kits. Please remember that we will be outside for PE this term and so a warm, dark coloured tracksuit will be needed at some point when the weather turns colder.

Snacks - A change in Key Stage 2 is that break time snacks are not provided. Please send in a healthy, nut-free, snack if you wish your child to have something to eat at break time.

Homework - The first set of homework is due in on Wednesday - we've already had a couple of photos of children reading in unusual places! A reminder that for the two activities that require a sheet from school the children need to come and see us to collect them. This promotes greater independence in the children, and saves sending home paper that might not be used.

Reading Books & Reading - Every child now has a reading book and we will be hearing them read regularly. As ever with the start of a school year it might take a week or two to get everything working like clockwork, but please rest assured that we are on it and books will be changed regularly. As the children are now in Key Stage 2, we welcome them taking the initiative and asking us if they can change their books once they have read them. I must stress though that any reading (magazines, encyclopedias, comics, Pokemon cards, even subtitles on their favourite TV shows and movies!) is worthwhile, and there's never an issue with reading a book more than once. We've sent home a Home-School Reading Diary, please record any times you read with your child and we will do the same at school.

myON - In Key Stage 2 we do not use BugClub for online books. Instead we use myON. The children have all logged into it this week and can access it via using their usual login details.

Books & Biscuits - As with the rest of the classes at school we will be holding a Books & Biscuits session, where you can come in and see Hammerhead Class, in the coming weeks. I am just waiting to sort a couple of things before I choose the date. I will let you know all the details in next week's update.

Newsletter - There are lots of bits of information in the newsletter sent home today. It will soon be available in digital form on the school website

Dates - Please take a look at to see dates for the forthcoming term. You can also look at the 'Events' tab in the app as the two calendars are synced together.

It's been a very enjoyable week in Hammerhead Class. I hope the children have had a good time too, certainly some of the nerves earlier in the week seem to have disappeared. They have done really well adjusting to being in Year 3 and I look forward to the year ahead! I'd also like to say thank you to Mrs Mann, Mrs Trevanion, Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Sandford and Miss Phillips for all their help and hard work this week, it's a great Hammerhead Team!

Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday.

Mr. Handy

Collaborative artwork of animals found during the Stone Age, by Hammerhead Class

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Welcome to Hammerhead Class!

There are lots of changes moving from Year 2 to Year 3 but nothing to worry about - we'll help you along the way!

This mini-website contains a weekly mini-Hammerhead update, homework & spellings sheets in case you can't find yours, our curriculum newsletter, spellings, the Holy Trinity Passport, and a reminder about our online resources.

Hopefully you'll find it useful!

Mr. Handy