Welcome to Cobra Class Website!

Welcome back! Hi to all my new students and families who I shall be getting to know better as time goes on. We are back on Monday 5th September 2022. I shall be at the double white doors (in-between the hall and Mrs. Raven's classroom) at 8:40am ready to welcome you all in. The first thing you will do when you arrive is to just put your bag on a peg (no names, just choose one) and then Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Butterley will be there to help you find your new seat and what to do until I come back in from being at the door. I hope you are all looking forward to Year 5, I sure am - we have a fun and interesting curriculum ready for you. All you need to do is bring your smile and positivity! Oh and the most important thing for those that love a bit of stationery... pencil cases! You can bring in one (and only one) small (not a huge one, the size of a brick!) pencil case with some general items in such as a pencil, black ink pen (we don't use blue ink), rubber, sharpener, ruler. You do not need to bring in any colouring pens or pencils/highlighters/scissors or glue sticks as we have those in class to use but, if you wish you can bring a small selection as long as they fit inside the pencil case. Just be mindful to not bring in your most precious, expensive or treasured items in case they get lost - it is your responsibility to look after your own items. If you do not want to bring in a pencil case then that is fine too, we have all the stationery in class that you will need.

There will be a lot of information given to you in the first few days so don't worry if you can't remember it all - that's why I also put it all here for the grown-ups to read!

Here are a few notices/reminders:

Being in UKS2 (Upper Key Stage 2) in order to promote and enhance their independence, the children with parental/carer permission can walk home from school. In the first instance, could you please let me know either at the door or via email and not via the child please, if they will be walking home on their own - you don't need to tell me every time just in the first instance via email so I have a record of this.


I cannot emphasise the importance of reading at home enough, it is something that needs to be done at home and not just at school. Our expectation is that every child reads at home a minimum of 3 times a week, but obviously the more the better. Please ensure you are listening to your child read, it is important even in Years 5 and 6 that the children are being heard by an adult. This is to help with not only reading the words but understanding and recalling what they have read (reading comprehension). There is a book list tab above if you would like some ideas of new books for your child so they are reading a broad range of genres and authors.

MyOn: Please use our new software at home called MyOn, where the children have access to a range of books to read online. We have a limited supply of books in school and using MyOn is a fantastic way to support and encourage children to read more at home. The pass rate is 60% on their AR book quizzes as this shows they have a good understanding of the book just read. The more they read at home, the more stars added to the class reading target!


Wednesday is our PE day. This is now going to be swimming for the next 6 weeks, starting Wednesday 14th September. Long hair tied back would be helpful and easier for the children to manage whilst in the pool and after. Please be prompt for drop-off as we will leave at 9am. Please also keep an eye on the weather and supply a raincoat, etc if it is due to rain as we will be walking up regardless of weather.

Curriculum Newsletter - see the tab at the top of this page to view.

Homework (Wednesdays) - Parents and children - please ensure the homework completed is by the child (obviously help can be provided but it needs to be the child's work/writing, etc). Also please read the expectations relating to the presentation and content of homework on the homework tab above. If you need any paper, then please ask in advance (before it is due in!). Homework is weekly, giving the children a week between each piece for it to be completed. Could you also please ensure your child hands this in on a Wednesday please.

The children will be coming home with a Home-School Communication book, this is where you will also see a copy of the homework grid, you will also write in here to say when you heard your child read so we can keep an eye on who is reading at home - if you have an urgent message then please tell me at the door as the books will not be checked daily (they will be checked twice a week).