Spring Production

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday April 30: Full run through in the school canteen from 3:30-6:00 p.m. ALL CAST AND CREW MEMBERS MUST ATTEND.
  • Tuesday, May 1: Full Dress Rehearsal at U of L 8:45-4:00 pm MANDATORY ATTENDANCE.

Huntington High FINAL version.m4a

Huntington High

Daydream FINAL with melody.m4a

Daydream - Nora's Solo

I'm The King.m4a

I'm The King - Dustin's Rap

I Don't Really Care FINAL with melody 2.m4a

I Don't Really Care - Arianna's Solo

The Lonely.m4a

The Lonely - Josee's Solo

Rise Duet FINAL.m4a

Rise Duet - Harley and Josee

Rise Reprise FINAL.m4a

Rise Reprise

2017/18 Spring Musical