Mrs. Lang's Newsletter


I sent an email out to parents in 5-1 this morning. Have you seen it?

I have completed my plans for this week and you can (hopefully ) view them on PLANBOOK. I did not prepare them until this morning which may be why some of you earlier risers could not see them. However they should be up now.

I also included attachments Search Australia and Decimal Review for my math students.

I will be updating this newsletter throughout the week. Rather than commenting on Google, please email me at my school email address.

Thank you for all you are doing to help our 5th graders keep focused on learning. The assignments are not "busy work", they are what I would normally cover in the classroom.


I am working on getting answers to you for assignments so you can check for correctness.

I will be adding links to lesson plans, which I think will be helpful.

I need to get all of the Europe projects from both 5-1 and 5-2. Any suggestions how we might do that? Drop off at school or church office?

I also need suggestions on how to receive finished poetry binders. I am going out to my classroom tomorrow morning to pick up some books I need. If you can deliver Europe folders by then I will pick them up around 9:30 am ish

Guidelines for Geopgraphy Project:

  • each student has chosen a country
  • they will present the project in a "portfolio" which I am providing
  • each student will complete a fact sheet, a physical map, and a political map ( all have been handed out)
  • I have given directions for assembling the portfolio in class
  • The fact sheet is merely to gather required information. However, the fact sheet itself will not be glued into the portfolio.
  • The information on the fact sheet will be included in the project, but each student needs to plan how to display it the remaining blank spaces in the portfoilo.
  • Information may be typed and pictures can be included .
  • Final Copy Quality is highly recommended for a super grade!