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Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 63 credits including Core Courses in:

  • English (12 credits)
  • World Languages (9 credits in one language; successful completion of level 3)
  • History and the Social Sciences (9 credits - The Historian’s Craft, The West in the World: 1492-1870, and The West in the World: 1871 to the Present)
  • Mathematics (9 credits, 3 of which are Algebra 2 and Trigonometry, in Upper School. Summer work will not count toward graduation credits)
  • Pure & Applied Sciences (9 credits, including Biology and 6 additional credits in Upper School science, the final 3 credits can be earned through a One Schoolhouse school year class, not through summer course work; 3 credits of science must be earned during grade 9)
  • Physical Education (4 credits, 1 credit for each trimester or season, by taking physical education or dance classes or participating on interscholastic teams in Upper School; students are required to take Fundamentals of P.E. by the end of grade 10
  • Health and Guidance 9 (1 credit)
  • Fine or Performing Arts (2 credits, in Art, Music, Drama, or Dance (if not taken for P.E. credit) 2 minor classes or 1 major class

Electives to complete requirements

The minimum course load in grade 9 is five major courses. In grades 10 through 12, the minimum load is four major courses each trimester. The recommended course load for most students is five majors. Students may take a sixth major with permission of the Upper School Director, although carrying additional academic classes is not advised.

To graduate, a student must have a 70 average in each of her last two years, and her final grade in Senior English must be at least a 70.

Community Service

Fifty hours in grades 9-11, to be completed by the beginning of the senior year; students may begin during the summer between grades 8 and 9.

Swimming Competency

Students must pass a swimming competency test by the end of the first trimester of the senior year.