👈 How Can a Tech Coach Help?

* Brainstorm & explore new tools that support your instruction

* Determine how technology can help your students meet your learning objectives

* Collaboratively plan a lesson that integrates technology

* Set and meet a short-term or long-term technology goal

* Co-teach & assist you during a lesson

* Curate resources specific to your content area or curriculum

* Find and explore the best tools for formative assessment

* Troubleshoot & problem-solve instructional issues

(Thanks @ms_itech - Kim Lowden), for help with the list )

🤓 PD Session Schedule & Contact Info

Please send me an email and let's set-up a time that works for you to meet and chat about how to best infuse technology into your content area and classroom.

Have 30 Minutes? Check-out the Monthly Tech Sessions in your building!