Project Updates

Progress Towards Realizing the 2020 Vision

As of March 21, 2018

Needs Assessment/Referendum Planning Process

Each year, the Administrative Staff evaluates the facility needs of the District for purposes of preparation of the District budget and the comprehensive facility report. Starting in 2016, the Buildings & Grounds Committee began to discuss the idea of incorporating some of the District’s facility into a referendum due to favorable interest rates and that the District would be retiring some of its debt. Those plans and ideas were presented to other committees in late 2016 to early 2017.

January 2017: The Holmdel 2020 Ad Hoc Committee formed including members of the Board, former Board members, the District and community members to review the proposed project. Meetings were held on February 22nd, March 7th and July 24th

March/April 2017: Presentation of Holmdel 2020 proposed projects.

April 2017: Board adopts resolution approving the submission of the projects to the New Jersey Department of Education (“NJDOE”).

June 2017: The District receives approval from the NJDOE to proceed with the proposed projects for the Holmdel School District.

August 2017: Presentation of Holmdel 2020 to Township Planning Board.

June 2017: The Board of Education adopts a resolution to present these facility projects to the voters as a referendum in September 2017.

Public Approval of Investment in District Facilities

September 2017: Superintendent presentations of Holmdel 2020 Project at all Back to School nights, to HFEE and Half Century Club.

September 26, 2017: Holmdel votes in favor of Holmdel 2020 project.

Pre-Design Process

October 2017 to Present: District Architects commence process of developing project schedules and meet with District administrators and Board committees.

November 2017: District approves contract with architect for Holmdel 2020 project.

November 2017: District’s attorney prepares proposal documents for construction manager.

Design Phase

November 2017: Architect begin design process and project sequencing.

------ 2018: Preliminary Designs Presented to the Board Committees.

------ 2018: Final Design presented to the Board of Education.

Preparation of Bid Documents

November - December 2017: Construction Manager

Bid Openings

February 2018: Construction Manager

March 2018: Door Replacements and HVAC Replacements

Award of Contracts

March 2018: Board of Education to adopt resolution to appoint Construction Manager

Construction Projects/Groundbreakings

Projects Complete