Visual & Performing Arts




The Holmdel Township School District places great importance on the role of Arts Education, encompassing culinary, dance, music, theatre, and visual arts, as an integral component of a comprehensive curriculum. We firmly believe that arts education is crucial for fostering 21st-century learning skills. By engaging in arts education, students not only develop an appreciation for various art forms but also enhance their critical and creative thinking abilities.

Furthermore, we recognize that the arts serve as a bridge, enabling students to broaden their perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of their world, including the diverse cultural influences that surround them. With this understanding in mind, the Holmdel Township School District is fully committed to supporting and nurturing the visual and performing arts.

We offer a wide range of academic offerings and extracurricular activities dedicated to the visual and performing arts. These opportunities go beyond the confines of the classroom, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for our students. Our goal is to provide a platform that encourages artistic exploration and fosters growth in both personal and creative dimensions.

As an educational institution, we remain dedicated to empowering our students through the visual and performing arts, fostering their artistic talents, and enabling them to realize their full potential.

Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts

Assistant Principal Sean J. McCauley


Bayers, Nicole

Satz Middle School: Art & Advanced Art

Castelli, Maryanne

Indian Hill School. & Village School: Music Grades 1-3 

DeVivo, Jim 

Holmdel High School & Satz Middle School: Acting & Playwriting, Drama & Theatre

Greco, Jillian

Holmdel High School& Satz Middle School: General Art, Ceramics I, & Ceramics II

Harkness, John

Holmdel High School: Culinary & Advanced Culinary

Heary, David

Satz Middle School: Culinary Grades 7 & 8

Koryat, John

Holmdel High School: Music Technology, Jazz Ensemble, and Symphonic Band

Lane-Hryszkanich, Rian

Indian Hill School: Art Grades 4-6

Mannuccia, Shannon

Holmdel High School & Satz Middle School: Dance 1, Dance 2, & Dance 3

McCarthy, Trina

Indian Hill School: Music Grades 4-6

Montana, Jaime

Holmdel High School: Art 1 (2 and 3D Design), Art 2 (Drawing and Painting) & AP Art Studio

Nigro, Christina

Indian Hill School. & Village School: Music Grades 1-3 & Chorus

Riso, Christie

Holmdel High School& Satz Middle School: AP Music Theory, Intro to Music, Satz Concert Band, Jazz Band, Chamber Music & Winter Musical Director

Roberts, Katrina

Holmdel High School & Satz Middle School: Chamber Singers, Concert Chorus, Satz Chorus, American 20th Century Music, & Satz Music