Sergeant Glenn Dalrymple

Officer Jonathan Remkus

Holliston Police Department

550 Washington Street

Holliston, MA 01746

(508) 429-1212


“Serving and Protecting the Seniors of our Community”

The Officers of the Holliston Police Department, consistent with our Mission Statement of, “…helping to secure a safe and just community in which human rights and responsibilities are properly respected and balanced…”, faithfully perform the following services that are specific, but not limited to, our senior citizens.

Well Being Checks

Medical Assistance Calls

Motor Vehicle and Residential Lockout Calls

Motor Vehicle Crash Investigations

Elder at Risk Referrals

Elder Abuse Investigations and Prosecutions

Residential Vacation Checks

Residential Alarm Calls

Crime Prevention Advice

Road Condition Reports

Fraud and Scam Investigations and Prosecutions

Utility Company Information and Notifications

General Town Information and Referrals

All Officers are trained and experienced in the services that we provide. We are available at all times (24/7), and can be reached at:

Holliston Police Department

550 Washington Street

Holliston, MA 01746

(508) 429-1212

(508) 429-0611 (Fax)

911 (Emergencies)

Could your medical condition cause a collision?




Loss of Consciousness

Mental Abilities

Drugs and Alcohol

Your Health and Driving Safely

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How safe is your driving?

If you find yourself answering yes to many of these questions, you may want to consider driving less, or not driving at all. Drivers who voluntarily surrender their licenses are eligible for a free Massachusetts I.D. For more information, contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles at (617) 351-4500

Safe Driver Checklist

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Lost Elder System

The Holliston Police Department is committed to the rapid response and location of elders at risk who have wandered off and become lost. In this regard, we are in the process of becoming a member town in LifeSaver International. This is an organization dedicated to the safe return of those who are enrolled in the program through the use of a bracelet/transmitter system. This program is administered through the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office as the State representative of the system. We have been in contact with them, and through the initial assistance of the Millis Police Department, we hope to begin signing people up who may qualify for the program.

If you know of an elder that suffers from Dementia, Alzheimer's, or a related condition, please contact the Holliston Police Department and will do an initial intake of the necessary information. The last obstacle to get his program up and running is the cost. The bracelet setup is $300 with a $25/month cost of maintenance (both fees are set by and collected by LifeSaver International.)

Elder Alert Systems

The Holliston Police Department responds to all Elder Alert Systems upon notification from the administrator of the program. The Lifeline Alert System is a wrist, pendant, or voice activated unit that sets off an alarm at the administration office (staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year). They, in turn, notify the local police department. For more information, they can be contacted at (800)380-3111

Community Policing for Elders

The Holliston Police Department offers a wide variety of services to the residents of Holliston that do not typically fit into the traditional law enforcement role. These services include motor vehicle lockouts, medical calls, vacation checks, utility calls, animal calls, etc.

Elders in Holliston should take advantage of our ability to assist. Even if we are unable to completely solve the problem, we can, in the spirit of community policing, connect the citizen to another person or organization that may be able to help.