In January we kicked off the new year with the book Violet the Pilot by Steve Breen. Violet is a science-loving girl inventor who creates flying machines and “glorious contraptions” made out of misfit and broken parts from the junkyard next door. What better platform to encourage invention, innovation and creativity! We followed Violet’s lead by tinkering and inventing in our own “junkyard” of broken electronics and toys. Armed with screwdrivers and determination, our Placentinkers reworked disassembled parts in creative ways. There was a keyboard controlled microscope, a solar powered robot and the impressive “typer-flyer” to name a few! We love our “Breakerspace” and our inventions!

In addition to the Tinker/Invention table, students also rotated through stations around the room. Stations included a Lego Wall, a Marble Maze Run, an Exploration Station (with the ever popular electronic typewriter), MagnaTiles, Gears and a K’NEX table. Thank you Violet for your inspiration!