Google Classroom

I use Google Classroom as a teaching tool. As the year progresses your children will become very comfortable navigating Google Classroom, but this will take some time and that is to be expected. Classroom assignments, homework, reading logs and spelling lists in both a voice recording and written form will all be posted in Google Classroom.

I give my students the choice of tools that they want to use to complete their homework:

Google Classroom on the internet


Using paper and pencil

The decision on which tools to use to complete their homework should be based on the child's ease in using the tool of choice and the parents comfort to have your child complete the homework on the internet. Of course, internet use requires some parental supervision.

I respect the choice of each child and her/his family but from a pedagogical point of view I prefer the use of Google Classroom. When the homework in completed in Google Classroom the students receive timely and individualized feedback, homework is never lost or forgotten on the kitchen table!, and students develop their computer literacy.

I have adapted a video explaining how to log into Google Classroom. Your child will probably initially need help with this process but trust me they will quickly become independent with this process. Please note that all students' email address login is:


Logging it at home: