Holliston High School English Department Program

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**Please note that our curricula are under constant review and may be adjusted to suit the needs of our students. These changes may take place more quickly than can be reflected on this site at a given moment in time. We will update periodically.


Our goal is that Holliston High School students will…

write effectively

read critically

speak with clarity

apply reasoning and problem-solving skills

collaborate with others

practice respect for self and others in various environments

cooperate with others in and out of the classroom

Program Level Enduring Understandings:


Students will understand that…

The foundation for the creative and purposeful expression in language depends on the interdependent skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.


Students will understand that…

Reading is an interactive process by which people create meaning about the message or information being communicated within a print or non-print medium.

Reading develops our understanding of self and of cultures, enlarges experiences, and broadens worldviews.

The habit of reading independently and closely is essential for future success.

Visualization, making connections, questioning, determining importance, inferring, and synthesizing are essential to independently and collaboratively construct meaning from print or non-print medium.

An author’s purpose is achieved through deliberate choices in genre, style, structure, point of view, and word choice.


Students will understand that…

Writing is a means of reflecting, presenting and supporting opinions, demonstrating understanding of a subject, conveying real and imagined experiences and events to others.

A writer’s purpose is achieved through deliberate choices in genre, style, structure, point of view, and word choice.

Writing is a recursive process by which people communicate ideas, messages and information appropriate to task, purpose and audience.

The use of proper mechanics, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure enhances the effectiveness of written communication.

Listening and Speaking

Students will understand that…

Rich, structured conversations allow us to paraphrase; build on or challenge ideas; ask for elaboration, clarification and supporting examples; and synthesize ideas, messages and information.


Students will understand that…

Standard English language is based upon a set of rules of grammar, usage, and mechanics.

Style includes the choice of words, syntax, and punctuation and allows language to function in different contexts with different meanings.

An individual word is part of a network of other words and word parts.

Words can be used literally or figuratively, there are relationships among words, and nuances in word meanings.

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