Holland High SCHOOL Advisory

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What is Advisory?

Advisory promotes meaningful relationships between staff and students while providing academic support. Through weekly meetings with a teacher, students experience a personalized learning environment with a structure and set of practices for monitoring and encouraging social-emotional wellness, community building, academic progress and career/college readiness.


  • Build positive peer and student-staff relationships

  • Help students achieve academic goals through a cycle of goal setting, monitoring, and self-reflection

  • Develop positive social-emotional skills that foster inclusion, belonging, and community

How am I Graded?

Students may earn Credit (CR) for successful engagement in Advisory activities:

  • SEL Curriculum

  • Academic Progress Monitoring

  • The Semester’s Student-Led Conference

Successful engagement is determined by the following scale:

  • 0 = No participation

  • 1 = Limited participation

  • 2 = Participated with support

  • 3 = Independent participation

  • 4 = Independent leadership

A total score of 6 or above earns Credit (CR) for the semester final grade; 5 or fewer results in No Credit (NC)