Holistic Play Therapy 

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Our approach:

A Holistic therapeutic approach for children and adolescents, informed by evidenced based play therapy modalities- refined to suit every child

Guiding children on the path of self-actualization, we take on a Holistic approach to play therapy. This means that we provide support that looks at the whole child, and not just their mental health needs. 

Within our Holistic approach we consider children’s physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual wellbeing, and engage in different therapeutic modalities, to create the most appropriate and effective intervention. This also means that we may work with different key systems within a child’s life, such as parents or school. This allows change within these key systems, again promoting more effective intervention.

Parent/ carer consults & support sessions:

Working with parents and carers is a vital aspect of the play therapy work that we do. Ensuring that parents and carers are readily able to support their child, and equipped with the knowledge and resources to do so. It also enables support plans to be implemented throughout the child's life and not just within the playroom.


We use both standardised and non- standardised assessments, to further inform our Holistic understanding of a client. Through doing this we can develop an in-depth interpretation of a child and better understand their needs in a Holistic manner. This enables us to provide the best possible form of intervention to each individual child. 

Our Therapist:

Our lead play therapist Meg Harris, is a registered Play Therapist with the Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association (APPTA) and the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health (AAIMH). She holds over 10 years experience working with children, specifically in the early years and with adolescents. She is a mum of two and uses her own parental experiences to empathize and relate with parents throughout her work. She began her career working as a teacher and through that developed a great respect for play, and the integral role it holds in children’s lives and development. This was a significant contributing factor to her decision to study and work within the play therapy field.

Play therapy is a child led therapeutic approach that enables children to communicate and express their innermost thoughts and feelings, through play. This allows Meg to provide intervention for a variety of support areas and mental health needs. Meg is informed by a child’s play, and through this she is also able to provide further support to parents and scaffold a deeper understanding of their child, using play themes.

Within play therapy, Meg is trained in various modalities; humanistic/child centered, filial (family therapy), systemic, AutPlay, integrative, child life therapy and the learn to play therapy model. She utilizes her knowledge of each of these modalities to take on a Holistic approach, and to provide best possible intervention for children and their families.

Meg holds a strong interest in providing intervention for children who have experienced trauma or fractured attachments, and has engaged in outreach programs to provide this type of support and intervention, to children. She also has vast experience in supporting children who require intervention for autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, depression, and adhd, as well as other emotional and social interventions and supports.

Meg has previously worked with the following agencies to provide intervention to children and their families: NDIS, Orange door, Salvos, St Vincent's, DFFH, BAPT care, VACCA, and eastern domestic violence services.


• Bachelor of Early Childhood Education •Masters in Child Play Therapy

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services available from: 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday to Friday

service available at: 116 High St, Drysdale, Victoria

outreach available: Bellarine peninsula and Drysdale surrounding areas

Phone: 0419186581

Email: meg@holisticplaytherapy.com