HPSS - who are we?

Lord Protector Cairan Finnerty

Science/Physics Teacher

Hobsonville Point Secondary School


Cairan's Blog Twitter: @Cairan Finnerty

Dr Andrea Tritton

Learning Design Leader - Science

Hobsonville Point Secondary School


Andrea's Blog Twitter: @Andrea Tritton

Student Voice - combining learning areas

Student voice - combined learning areas.mp4

HPSS Curriculum - overview

3 main aspects of the HPSS curriculum:

Specialised learning: co-modules that combine two learning areas and is co-taught with two teachers and SPINs (SPecial INterest modules) that are one single learning area with one teacher.

Project-based learning: connections between learning areas and community - authentic situations.

Learning Hubs: no more than 15 students to one learning coach - personal guidance and pastoral care to support personal and academic excellence.

HPSS Timetable for 2016