Welcome to Sport & Recreation 

at Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Here at Hobsonville Point Secondary School we pride ourselves on the sporting opportunities we offer to our students and the endeavours they achieve within the sporting arena. With a growing rate in the participation and selection of sports and activities we offer, sport is now, more than ever, a pivotal part of the schooling experience. The support, direction and development we provide has become paramount to our students sporting experiences and successes.


'Better People Through Sport and Recreation for All'

With a tight knit team, our main priority is to be there for our students and provide opportunities for them to explore, develop skills and achieve at their own level. Here at HPSS, we strive to take a student focused approach by ensuring the needs of our athletes and coaches come first, which is a strong reflection of our sports philosophy statement above. Enabling ourselves to create an environment which supports our five core sports values.

Fun - Leadership - Connection - Development - Hauora

With the wide range of sporting codes and physical activities we offer, our aim is to get all students involved and as active as possible. In addition to our player focused mindset, we also acknowledge the crucial role played by our coaching staff. The coaching framework we have designed offers our coaches and managers a structure and system to feel confident and supported to explore their own coaching and management style. With our internal and external connections, we enable our wider sporting staff the ability to advance down their chosen path.


Active Recreation Opportunities

Our Highlights

Our Facilities

            Fitness Room     


           Sports Courts     

        Disk Golf Course   

                                                       Multi Sports Turf (Due 2023)                    Sports Fields

Meet the Team

Rosie Cordy 

Director of Sport

After 15 years of teaching Health and Physical Education both in NZ and overseas, and having moved to Hobsonville Point with her young family in 2017, a job in the Sports Department at HPSS was a dream come true for our Director of Sport. Rosie is passionate about developing leadership potential in our students and creating an inclusive and inspiring sport and physical activity programme, one that all students are proud of and want to be a part of. Having played and coached a huge variety of sports over the years - from football and cricket, to lacrosse, basketball and softball - Rosie has a deep knowledge of the sports sector and a desire to see HPSS recognised as a trailblazer in the school sport and rec space. In her spare time Rosie loves reading and spending time at the beach, in and on the water with her husband and kids. 

Code of Conduct

Representing Hobsonville Point Secondary School in any sports code is an honour and a responsibility. Good sport is about positive attitude by playing your part, and playing fair. At Hobsonville Point we promote the following: