Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture


The Arts are powerful forms of personal and social expression. They link imagination, thinking and feeling. They provide essential learning for living and develop a wide range of both general and specific skills, which are significant in many aspects of life, including employment. They are important for recreation and leisure.

The Arts cross boundaries. They are a source of international communication and understanding. They express and shape national identity. Learning through the Arts enables students to appreciate and understand their own heritage and other cultures. It provides opportunities to examine a range of values and perceptions.

The Arts are important to the growth of self-knowledge and self-worth. They encourage students to investigate their own values and those of others, and to recognise the aesthetic and spiritual dimensions of their lives. They enable students, as individuals and as members of a group, to understand, express and communicate present and past experiences. (The New Zealand Curriculum Framework, 1993, page 15)

At HPSS, learners can experience a range of arts and cultural activities giving them the opportunity to develop talents, acquire new skills and link their interests to their learning. Through their learning programmes, learners will experience a range of options from the Performing Arts (including Dance, Drama and Music) and Visual Arts disciplines. Learners also have the opportunity to take music lessons through an itinerant music programme, or be involved in small and large-scale productions.

Performing Arts Happenings Term 1, 2017


Students in the Qualifications SPIN DCONNECT took part in a workshop with Kerry Frampton, Artistic Director of Splendid Productions, a very highly regarded British theatre company who specialise in Epic Theatre. The workshop introduced students to some specific performance techniques that will support their work on their class production, Daughters of Heaven, and in their devising work later this year.

Kerry's energy and good humour meant that the time flew by all too quickly, but we were left with some excellent resources to support our work for the rest of the year. Thank you Kerry!


The first week of April 2017 accidentally became Shakespeare week at HPSS, with two Shakespeare plays viewed, and the West Auckland Regional SGCNZ University of Otago Shakespeare Festival held at the school.

Much Ado about Nothing at the Pop Up Globe

On Wednesday 5th April, students from the DCONNECT SPIN travelled to the Pop Up Globe tos ee a performance of Much Ado about Nothing. Despite some atrocious weather, the students enjoyed the performance enormously, especially when our own Melissa Smith was invited onto the stage as part of the performance. It was very interesting for our students to see a play that they would be performing scenes from at the SGCNZ UOSWSF the same day!

Ugly Shakespeare Company at HPSS

On Thursday 6th April, students from DCONNECT were joined by students from Mount Roskill Grammar School at a performance of Macbeth by the Ugly Shakespeare Company. This was a very clever, very funny performance that all of the students had great fun watching. There were lots of questions for the performers after the show and students from both schools had a great time getting to know their peers.

West Auckland SGCNZ UOSWSF 2017

Each year, SGCNZ holds 23 Festivals nationwide, in which high school students perform five and 15 minute scenes from Shakespeare’s plays, set in any time, place, dress – though definitely in Shakespeare’s words. On Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th April, Hobsonville Point Secondary School hosted the West Auckland Shakespeare’s Globe Centre New Zealand University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival.

Assessors John Callen and Sophie Lindsay saw 19 scenes from a variety of Shakespeare’s plays, presented by five schools (Avondale College, HPSS, Kaipara College, Mount Roskill Grammar School and Western Springs College) from across Auckland.

They were very impressed with the standard of performances, and took a long time to decide on the scenes that would be chosen to represent the West Auckland Region at the National Shakespeare Festival in June. As the awards were presented, we were thrilled to find that the Libby Palmer-directed scene from Macbeth had been chosen as the Best Fifteen Minute Scene, and that Leigh Sykes had been chosen as the Best Adult Director at the Festival. This stunning result for Libby and her performers means that the students have gained the opportunity to perform their scene at the National Festival in Wellington over the Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

The National Festival is a great showcase for the talent and commitment of schools across New Zealand, and the students will be able to attend a variety of workshops, performances and productions during their time in Wellington.

Above L-R: HPSS student Melissa Smith on stage At Much Ado about Nothing; A scene from the show; The Ugly Shakespeare Company, HPSS and Mount Roskill Grammar School students.

Left: Winners of the West Auckland Festival Best 15 Minute Scene. (L-R: Elise Henry, Keisha Jayapuram, Chelsea Sampson, Sophie Lindsay (Assessor), Emily Smith, Libby Palmer (Director), Rachel Taylor, Constantina Kardula and John Callen (Assessor))

Performing Arts Happenings Term 3, 2016


Our students are working with Red Leap Theatre Company on our new Big Project, which is a fantastic opportunity for us. Red Leap's Residency with us will lead to the creation of a school show, to be performed in December 2016. Take a look at their website link and keep up to date with the exciting things that are happening here. It's already pretty clear how much fun everyone is having working together:

Performing Arts Happenings Term 2, 2016


On Wednesday 29th June, Dance, Drama and Music performers entertained a large and appreciative audience with the work that they had prepared during semester one. There were solo and group dances, devised and scripted drama work and solo and group musical numbers. The audience was impressed by the commitment and talent on display and the students were very proud of what they had achieved.

Performing Arts Happenings Term 1, 2016

SGCNZ University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival

On Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th April, close to the end of Term 1, the SGCNZ University of Otago Sheilah Winn West Auckland Regional Shakespeare Festival was held at HPSS. Our adjudicators, Ben Henson and Natalie Beran were very impressed by the quality of the performances and gave the following awards:

  • Best 15 Minute Scene (for performance at the National Shakespeare Festival in Wellington): Avondale College - from The Merchant of Venice
  • Best 5 Minute Scene (for performance at the National Shakespeare Festival in Wellington): Hobsonville Point Secondary School - from The Tempest
  • Student Chosen for Direct Entry to NSSP (National Shakespeare Schools Production: Ella Mackintosh, Western Springs College
  • Best Adult Director: Caleb Wells, Western Springs College
  • Most Promising Actor: Murdoch Keane, Western Springs College

For more on the HPSS performers, see our newsletter: