Beach Clean-Ups

Just a few years back our little beach was rarely used.

Now, dozens of people (and puppies) spend time relaxing on the sand on a daily basis, enjoying the beautiful NYC skyline as little waves of the Hudson River crash.

The Hudson River's water quality has come a long way over the last few decades, and its rich ecosystem is thriving. However, we still regularly see a great amount of litter that washes up on the beach. If this litter isn't picked up, the tide of the river will take it into the ocean.

You never need to wait for our help to clean. Feel free to pick up any litter you see at any time! But if you want to join like-minded people, come to one of our clean-ups. We would love to have you!

Clean-Ups Before Paddle Days

Every weekend, an hour before our public paddle days, our volunteers get together for a beach clean-up.

You can sign up in our Meetup group.

Bring shoes, sunscreen, a reusable bottle with water, and work gloves if you have any (if not, don't worry - we have some you can borrow!)

When we are done, we'll upload all our findings to the Planet Patrol App.

Planet Patrol

In order to make changes we must have data.

The Planet Patrol app gives us the opportunity to be community scientists. Every piece of litter we find is photographed, recorded by type and brand, and uploaded.

That data is sent to universities to analyze the extent and sources of plastic pollution, and help implement meaningful changes around the world!

Reduce - Reuse

Please bring your own reusable water bottle to our paddle days.

We all know recycling is great, but most single use items are not recyclable. At our boathouse we promote an environment of reducing the amount of waste we create.

Ask yourself:

Do I really need this? Is this going to end up in a landfill or the ocean, forever, after I use it once?

River Keeper

In 1966, the Hudson River was dying from pollution and neglect. At that time, the Hudson River fishermen decided they had enough.

This was the founding of the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association – now Riverkeeper.

Today, Riverkeeper continues its fight, seeking out polluters and teaming with citizen scientists and activists to reclaim the Hudson River.