Lounge & Sofa Cleaning Systems

Lounges + Sofas +Recliners

Fabric & Linen

Colour Revival System

(Dries quicker and provides a deeper,safer clean than traditional steam cleaning)

Starting with a deep vacuum with a 2 1/2 horsepower Kirby removing all dead skin cells, dirt, dust mites and any other dry contaminants.

Then we treat general food stains and oil stains using Australian environmentally friendly products from Agaar.

Then we apply our Fabulous Fabric Colour Boosting Sanitiser while mitten cleaning and extracting the dirty excess solution, which leaves behind a treatment repelling dust mites for up to 6 months.

Leaving your lounge, sofa or recliner colourful, bright, soft and protected from infestation of dust mites.

3 seats and a chase $176

Recliner $77 each $132 for two

5 seater modular $225.50

from $45 per seating position

10 dining seats $137.50