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Gobbling up all the learning we can!!

Halloween Party Fun!

Fire Station Visit

New Explore Time Centers

Apple Fun in Fall- I clearly didn't keep my phone on me during our fun activities, but we tasted apples of different colors, we graphed which apple we liked the most, and did a science experiment to see if apples sink or float (pictured above).

Our STEM CHALLENGE- Build a house with a partner in 5 minutes using any blocks you would like! This is what we got!!!

Our Celebrities-

Our Celebrities Pictured from Left to Right-

  • Evan- This young is a class participation machine! He has many brothers and sisters and a puppy he loves.
  • Stella- Stella is a sweet girls who works hard. Her personality is that of movies-the princess sings and the creatures of the forest come.

Our Celebrities Pictured from Left to Right-

  • Adalyn- Quiet...but silly this little girls is! We enjoy giggles and hugs together. She loves school and her friends!
  • Brooklyn- Brooklyn is an incredible girl! She loves to do her best on every assignment, but also enjoys playing and using imagination.
  • Emma- This twin can not be duplicated! She is such a wonderful student and friend to everyone. Her kindness and hard work shine!

Our Celebrities Pictured from Left to Right

  • James- James is a very artistic student who loves learning with technology and playing video games at home!
  • Harrison- The tractor picture next to Harrison is his Grandpa's tractor. Harrison wants to work at John Deere when he grows up.

Our Celebrities Pictured from Left to Right

  • Lauren- Lauren is a bright student who loves to read. She even read a book to the whole class!! WOW
  • Londynn- Londynn is spirited student who enjoys school. She loves being with friends, dancing, and playing in the house center.
  • Taylor- Taylor is a kind student, new to the Hartington area, but her sweet personality has gained her friends quickly.

Homecoming was a quite a " Road Trip"

Our Classroom!