Ms. Courtneyś Home Page

Welcome to my home page!

Hi Parents, welcome to our fifth grade classroom! We may be small in class number, but we make up for it in heart and determination! Since school has started we have been working at a strong pace. In Religion we have just finished the four parts of the Mass and are starting the topic of Forgiveness using the story of the Prodigal Son. We are always being challenged in Math. We have worked our way into multiplying whole numbers by a factor using tape diagrams. We have just finished a story in our Readers about Tornadoes' so we wrote reports on them to read to the class and have a question and answer session. The students will also write their own stories about being trapped in a tornado. Sounds pretty exciting, huh? In Science we are learning about the parts of the human eye and their functions, and what causes optical illusions! In Social Studies we have just finished the conquests of Spain and how they became one of the most powerful countries due to slavery! We will then learn about England and the lost colony of Roanoke! So much is going on in fifth grade and we are having so much fun learning new things!


Please click the links for summer assignments for ELA and Math! I look forward to seeing you in September.