Ms. Tomsen's

4th Grade

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The 4th grade has been busy. They are on their journey with the Ten Commandments. They will study each Commandment and apply it to their lives. They will also connect them to the Values Infusion of trustworthiness. They enjoyed reading about children and their role in the American Revolution. There were some brave children back then. They risked their lives for freedom. The next novel will be Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. It is about another exceptional child who is an unsung hero. He brings change to a racially divided town.with his amazing and legendary feats. The focus in Math is lines and angles, angle measurement, and problem solving with addition of angle measures. Social Studies had them interested New York 's involvement in the American Revolution. They enjoyed learning about the colonists and their fight for freedom from the British. Currently there is peace but we will be gearing up for the Civil War in a few weeks. Science was entertaining when they did a few experiments and observations pertaining to the subject of matter, force and motion, and then electricity and magnetism. They even did an experiment in connection with the last novel they read. They made their own fossils. Then they took it a step further when they made fossils from the "disco era" by adding food coloring and glitter. They are looking forward to learn about light and sound.

As we anticipate the arrival of spring, we give thanks for our many blessings and pray for all of God's creation.