Welcome to Hagerman Science

Welcome to my website!! I developed this site to help your students excel in the rigorous content area of science, and to keep both students and parents informed what is happening in my science classes. I encourage you as parents to plan a visit from time to time to see what your students are learning and take an interactive role in their education. Before a visit please contact me at troy.easterday@hjsd.org, so that you will not interfere with a test day. Let's have a wonderful 2019-2020 in science at Hagerman Jr./Sr. High School.

** IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Weekly Lesson Plans (TO VIEW: CLICK ON THE LINK TO THE RIGHT) are a Guide for the Teacher, Parents & Students to follow, but are NOT set in Stone, and subject to CHANGE from time to time due to unforeseen circumstances within the school day. I will always let you and your students know by posting it in the WEEKLY REMINDERS.

** All other materials (Course Syllabus, Power Points, Assignments, and Labs) can be found under the COURSE TABS above. NOT all assignments, and labs will be found on this website due to CONTENT SPECIFICITY and marked as "IN CLASS ONLY".

Thanks for Your Support in Educating OUR Future!!

Dr. Troy Easterday; Ph.D