August 25th, 2017, the students at Henderson Middle School had just finished their first week of the new school year. At 3:30 that day, students and teachers walked out of HMS, unknowingly, to never return. Hurricane Harvey dropped massive rainfall in the SE Texas area. Henderson Middle School had 2-3 feet of water inside the building for about 5 days. The doors to the building that we knew as Henderson closed permanently.

Much was lost to us during that week. The library alone housed over 8900 printed books, not to mention its furnishings. It will take a long time to rebuild, but with the assistance of many compassionate friends, we have a good start. We have received donations from generous book loving friends and concerned schools, we have also been awarded the Texas Library Association Grant ($4,000.00) and the Texas State Library and Archive Commission Grant ($10,000.00). Several other grant opportunities have been applied for and we hope they will come our way.