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Jay Abraham: Marketing Legend and Business Growth Expert about Hitendra Patil

Hitendra Patil is an invaluable asset to the accounting profession, who needs to be contributing to each CPA in America. I have come to know the work of Mr. Patil. He has taken complicated and powerful understandings of critical and high-performing methodology to help accountants sustain and expand their high-valued services to the entrepreneurial world. With more entrepreneurs emerging in the next 5 years, and more accountants in need of guidance to connect and serve, this man's value is invaluable to his profession.

The accounting profession is witnessing the fastest pace of transformation it’s ever seen.

(Disruptive) Technology is evolving rapidly.

Talent shortage is coupled with changing expectations of the next generation/s.

Regulatory uncertainties are making compliance more complex, yet more automated.

Traditional accounting services are commoditized by technology to create immense pressure on profitability and pricing power of accounting firms.

The traditional success strategies, methods and processes of accountants are no longer producing great results.

Yet Entrepreneurial Accountants, i.e. Accountaneurs, are outperforming traditional accountants.

How do Accountaneurs Ensure Success and Growth Amidst These Challenges?

Find out how to entrepreneurially apply the power of behavioral sciences and technology to your practice. Come, dive in deeper...

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