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Suggested Keynote Speeches & Programs:

Accountaneur: The Entrepreneurial Accountant

Hitendra's "Signature Keynote", the "Accountaneur" speech is a soul-searching, inspirational yet practical journey for the audience to not only revisit their entrepreneurial purpose but to make them live it every day. Full of practical tips and tools, this speech has emerged from years of research and interactions with hundreds of accountants.

How the Best Leaders Develop an Entrepreneurial Culture & Drive Big Results in Their firms:

This program is for leaders and partners of accounting firms who somehow become "technical managers" over the years in trying to deliver services to clients. But this program delivers a pleasant surprise to firms in revealing how firms can easily transform each of their employees entrepreneurial in their interactions with clients, prospects and leads.

The Accountaneur Effect

How clients' experience gets totally transformed when they deal with an Accountaneur, not just an "Accountant" - that is the learning you get from this insightful program based on human behavioral aspects relevant specifically to the accounting profession. Designed as a shared experience, this is perfect for multi-location firms or CPA/Accountants associations who want to deliver true value to their members.

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