If You're Looking For A Rare Competitive Advantage In YOUR Accounting Practice, Read On...

In my diverse 25 year career, working in different but technologically driven industries, and over the last 12 years working ONLY with Accountants, I have enabled practice growth for firms large and small across The United States.

I'm very fortunate to have made such an impact, but this discussion is about YOU so let me explain how this will truly benefit YOU.

I've conceived, formulated and tested a highly-impactful way, to transfer my years of practice-building insights and expertise to you, via three choices of consulting/advisory packages that suit the stage in the life-cycle of your practice; your ambitions and your commitment levels to grow your practice.

One surprisingly common thing amongst the most uncommon success practices of Accountaneurs is that they predominantly have an entrepreneurial mindset - and it IS possible to learn to develop and apply the entrepreneurial thinking to your practice.

From the three programs described below, pick your choice that suits your specific needs and aspirations:

Choice 1: Break The Ceiling

Surveys reveal that nearly 95% firms never grow beyond 19 employees, with 68% firms never growing beyond 5 employees.

So how do those 5% firms break the 19-employees ceiling? or how to 32% firms break the 5-employees ceiling?

If you own a small practice under the 1,000,000 Dollars range, or lead your firm's marketing and/or sales performance -- I built this powerfully helping package for YOU to break the ceiling. Proven to start delivering bottom-line growth within 3 months, this is a perfect choice for firms that recognize that they need to do something different but do not know what could that difference be.

Read more about how you can break the ceiling

(If your annual revenue is more than $1 mn., you'd want to explore "Future-proof Your Firm" or "Accountaneur - Power Up Your Entrepreneurship" consulting.)

"Having worked with Hitendra and his team has been a boon for my boutique CPA practice. He has helped me to not only re-engineer my practice but due his ability of understanding the idiosyncrasies of the CPA and sharing my load has enabled me to garnish scarce time to open doors and avenues towards which I wanted my practice to go. His ability to think of, identify and execute solutions to challenges unique to my practice have put me on a transformative journey to my dream practice. I wish I had run into Hitendra moons ago. Furthermore, I am glad to recommend Hitendra and his team to anyone needing his services and am positive you will like me never regret your decision"....Amit Chandel, CPA, Owner - The Focus CPA Group, Inc

Choice 2: Future-proof Your Firm

If you offer traditional services profitably, your clients are obviously happy with your services; and their businesses are growing.

But, that is an alarm you need (and want) to seriously think about. Your clients' needs will grow beyond the basic services. Invariably, such clients leave to go to larger firms. When that happens, invariably they can dent your revenue by 20-30%. You want to retain them - not just for the sake of revenue but because they can pay you more for additional services they will need (even if they are not expressing those needs, yet).

You know you want to upgrade to providing advisory services. But what types of services and how? By the time you figure out yourself, it may be too late.

Future-proof your firm by quickly implementing proven processes and deliver the outcomes that your clients will need.

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"My firm existed with the traditional business model since 1994.

"Accountaneur" was a godsend as I transformed my bookkeeping firm into the future of accounting i.e. Cloud Bookkeeping Automation Advisory Firm.

Hitendra has a special ability to inspire you from your core as well as guide you to take practical steps that totally transform your business model"......William Lee. Owner - Professional Bookkeeping Services

Choice 3: Accountaneur - Power Up Your Entrepreneurship

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Go back in time and try to remember why did you start your accounting practice. It was because you had truly embraced and lived entrepreneurship. But, over a period of time, you slowly turned into a manager - operating and managing your practice. And hit the wall. Same stuff everyday. Same revenue. Same everything. Because, you lost the zest of your entrepreneurial spirit.

We will prove to you that you can be that true entrepreneur that you were once, without jeopardizing your current practice results, even when you do not fully manage it personally. It IS possible. This is the full-power of the Accountaneur consulting that you would want. A complete package that includes everything from Choice 1 and 2 plus it starts with your - the practice owner's - purpose to turn your potential into the real performance it is capable of achieving.

Read more about how you can power up your entrepreneurship

"I have been working with Hitendra from two perspectives, as the owner of a small accounting firm that has been in business for 29 years and as the developer of a workflow solution for my own accounting firm that I wanted to share with other firms. Working with him through the ups and downs over the past few years, my trust in the candid guidance and motivation received has grown exponentially. He is truly someone that I consider my Trusted Advisor in life and business. I firmly believe and trust in Hitendra’s integrity, ability and character, reaping the value of the wisdom he has shared with the accounting profession and me, personally"....Katrina Geety, CPA, President of Geety, Blair & Associates P.A. and Accountants' Workflow Solutions, Inc.

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