About Hitendra

Hitendra R. Patil applies emerging studies in neuroscience to entrepreneurial strategies at tax and accounting firms in Accountaneur: The Entrepreneurial Accountant.


I turn each Accountant I work with into an "Accountaneur: The Entrepreneurial Accountant".

I am the "Champion, Proponent, Advocate" i.e. the "C.P.A. of the Accounting Professionals".

I help Accountants achieve BETTER return on their resources.

YOU can be an Accountaneur too:

One surprisingly common thing amongst the most uncommon success practices of Accountaneurs is that they predominantly have an entrepreneurial mindset - and it IS possible to learn to develop the entrepreneurial way of living.

That is what empower you with.


I empower Accounting professionals including:

✅ CPAs, CFOs, Accountants, Payroll, Tax and Bookkeeping Professionals:

✅ From Solo Practitioners to Multi-Partner firms

How I developed expertise and insights to help you:

I serve as the Director of Practice Development at AccountantsWorld, responsible for helping accountants become more successful by leveraging AccountantsWorld’s software solutions more powerfully and advancing the company’s leadership in cloud solutions for accountants.

Prior to AccountantsWorld, I worked as the Chief Operating Officer of Pransform Inc., a processing solutions provider for small- to medium-sized accounting, CPA and tax firms in the U.S.

Before joining Pransform, I was the Asst. Vice President of Global Financial Services at Viteos Technologies. Prior to that, I worked as the Vice President of Business Development and Operations of a national-level company - Central Depository Services (India) Ltd.

Over the years, working with technology enabled organizations, I picked up comprehensive expertise of several aspects of running a business. I apply all those insights to help you enhance the success of your firm.


Reach out to me directly here on LinkedIn, email me at hitendra@hitendrapatilcom for for a No-cost, No-obligation consultation.