School House

The BEAR SCHOOL was originally a one-room schoolhouse in District #11, Ridge Township. Peter Knittle provided the property on which the building was located, and classes were held for the first time in this building in 1904. The Emerson Blauser family donated the building. (Grace Blauser was the granddaughter of Peter Knittle.) The bell, given to the Museum by Gale Knittle (Peter Knittler's grandson), was originally installed by John Ringwald. It is cast of bell metal which has a very loud sound and bears a casting date of 1903. The 1996 moving and restoration project was made possible by a grant from 1st Federal Savings & Loan Assoc. It is furnished with old school desks, a teachers desk, a recitation bench, an organ, the old black stove, books, slates, photos, and other school memorabilia.