The Red Barn

In September of 1999, the historical society trustees signed a purchase agreement with the Meyer Building Corporation to build a 42 X 100 foot barn to be located on the northeast corner of the museum. The purpose was to house antique farm machinery and tools and to provide the agricultural history of early Van Wert County. Merle Knittle and Farm Focus provided the initial donation of $22,000 for the project with an estimated cost of $65,000. The historical society received $40,000 from the state of Ohio. The barn was approved for occupancy in February 2000. The list of donors to the project can be found on a plaque in the barn. In 2017, 50 feet was added on to the barn to serve as the transportation center to highlight the 1917 Overland Opera Coup restored that year.

2017 Building project

1917 Overland Opera Coupe during restoration

1917 Overland Opera Coupe on Display

Red Barn