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Fall Festival Volunteers’ information is updated.

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Welcome to the HIS PTA Information Website! Here is where you will find information about HIS PTA activities.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact pta.sapporo@gmail.com


+ Communicates volunteer and PTA information to all parents and guardians through the class/milepost class representatives.

+ Supports teachers through offering volunteer workers to help with copying, laminating, binding, sharpening pencils, and other tasks. Class reps can call for help when needed.

+ Facilitates communication and promotes understanding and cooperation among students, parents, teachers, administration and the Executive Board.

+ Organizes classes or outings for parents/guardians and teachers.

+ When needed, helps the school with events, such as Open House, coffee mornings or art work displays.

+ Provides information and help needed to new families or teachers.

+ Sponsors three major events: Fall Festival, Winter Celebration and Spring Bazaar


From this year, we have class representatives who serve at a communication bridge between the PTA, homeroom teachers and the class. We hope that class representatives will encourage their class parents and guardians to volunteer for PTA sponsored events and will help introduce new families to the class and community. For details, please read the guidelines below.

HIS Class Representative Guidelines:

Every parent and guardian is a member of PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and any parent or guardian can become a class representative (class rep). You can share the role with another parent/guardian. If you wish to do so, please let the PTA co-chairs know so that you can be added to PTA contact list. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact co-chairs anytime.

Key Tasks of Class representatives:

1. Act as a communication link between the class/milepost homeroom teacher and the PTA.

2. With the help of homeroom teachers, make a contact list of the class/milepost. Please be respectful of the privacy of others, if there are families who do not wish their details to shared. The contact list should be treated as confidential information and should only be circulated within the class members or PTA Steering Committee. Please include the homeroom teacher in the mailing list to keep s/he informed.

3. Introduce yourself as class rep to the class/milepost using the contact list.

4. Communicate PTA news and volunteer information to the class/milepost.

5. Help introduce new parents/guardians to the class/school community.

6. Attend monthly PTA meetings whenever possible. Someone from the class can attend on your behalf, and minutes will be sent out after the meeting to keep you informed.

7. Give feedback on any matters raised to you as a class rep at the next steering committee meeting.


Collecting class money donations might be helpful if your class is planning to buy the teacher a birthday gift or end of year gift. (If you have the money left at the end of the year, it can be used to get some treats for the class/milepost).


The role of Class rep is NOT to be a problem solver of the class. In academic issues or in a conflict between students, homeroom teachers are there to support parents/guardians and the students. Please do not circumvent homeroom teachers and parents/guardians relationship. Parents should be instructed to talk directly to their child's teacher(s) or to the school administration.

Please ensure that the contact list is used for administrative purposes only and not for personal forums talking about individual or class issues.