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AP Research

I'm so excited to be teaching AP Research this year at Hingham High School. I truly believe teaching young people solid research skills is key to solving our world's biggest problems.

You're saying, "Whoa. Wait. Ms. Gallagher, I'm just kinda curious about stuff and thought this would look good on my college application."

No worries, it's good in that way too. In fact no matter what college you're going to or what major you choose you will find yourself practicing the very things you are going to learn in this course-which will be a great experience to come in with as a college freshman. And really, no matter what your plans, understanding others' research is how you'll find yourself making a range of life decisions, from what to eat and what to buy, to where to invest your money and how to choose a healthcare plan, etc. So you're essentially going to become an expert on telling the difference between a Research Hail and a Research Fail-something everyone should leave high school knowing how to do.

Within the third week of July your AP Research course textbook will be delivered to the guidance office of our school. You will be notified to come pick it up when ready. The text, "Practical Research: Planning and Design, 12th edition", has an online pairing (eText) available through the website www.pearson.com/mylab. When you receive the book you will find an insert at the back of the book containing your student access code for My Lab, which is where you will be able to read the eText and complete the online exercises. Your summer assignment is to read chapters 1, 2 and 3 of the text (either print or the eText version, although I personally must recommend print when reading on the beach), and then complete the online exercises for chapters 1, 2, and 3. This will include short quizzes labeled "Self Check" as well as written responses labeled "Application Exercise" within the eText.

Please note that the "Application Exercise" instructs you to answer in the form of an essay. For clarification, I am not looking for a full five paragraph essay, but rather something "thoughtful and detailed" and quite like the responses you did for Mrs. Garland in your summer work for AP Seminar (I'm even using the same rubric! Thank you, Mrs. Garland!).

If you need to contact me over the summer feel free to do so at kgallagher@hinghamschools.org. I will plan to check that email account every couple of days beginning after the first week of July.

I do wish you a happy summer and I'm looking forward to working with each of you in September.

Ms. GW

Google Classroom Code: a9zryk4