Mid Canterbury Technology Centre

In 1992 Hinds School took over the running of the Mid Canterbury Technology Centre.  MCTC provides design and technology learning for Year 7 and 8 students across the Mid Canterbury District.  This involves 10 schools.  

Our Aim:

Students developing a sense of achievement and self worth, through enjoying success. 

To provide an inspirational environment where students can explore technologies, and are empowered to achieve their personal best through creativity & innovation while problem solving. update in the springboard trust doc for MCTC

 At MCTC students explore the technology, digital technology and Health curriculum along with competencies and getting to know themselves as a learner  in a new context.    

At MCTC we use a range of technology experiences and tools to  nurture an inquisitive mind and problem solving.   

At MCTC we:

The teaching and learning programme at MCTC is focussed on scaffolding capability and understanding of the foundations of Technology at Year  7. 

The  Yr 8 programme is designed to build on the core foundations of Year 7, enabling increased student voice and student application of skills and knowledge to develop more complex projects.