The Board and Staff through community consultation have identified 4 key qualities / dispositions that shapes the Hinds Curriculum framework and the ways we learn, teach and develop the holistic child and person at Hinds School.

Hinds School Dispositions


Resilience, risk taker, determined, perseverance


Mindfulness, identity, reflective, Davis learning strategies,

Thinking and Connection

Initiative, innovative, articulate learning, question, wonderings, Making connections, linking knowledge

Join Forces

Community, collaborative, global citizen, communication, responsibility, relationships

Hinds School Strategic Pathway of Learning

The Hinds Board of Trustees and community through consultation in 2018 have established a shared educational purpose for Hinds School through the following Strategic Goals:

Student Achievement, Inquiry and Community

Enable all students to achieve success through holistic development, challenge, opportunity, and partnership in the learning process.

This will be supported through

  • Addressing the needs and enabling every child,

  • Quality teaching and learning which is future focused

  • Developing local curriculum to enrich learning and ownership of our school

  • Develop Hinds Dispositions of Grit, Grounded,Thinking and Join Forces

Through effective inquiry enhance school practice, policy and pedagogy to meet the needs of and challenge all learners.

This will be supported through

  • An orderly and supportive learning environment for student learning and well being, adaptive , forward focussed

  • Leadership that collaboratively develops and ensures the schools vision, values, goals and priorities

Develop and promote a community that demonstrates and celebrates partnership, success, equity, inclusion and compassion.

This will be supported through

  • Communication support and strengthens reciprocal learning centred relationships

  • Community collaboration and partnerships extending and enriching opportunities for all students to become confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

  • Promotes well being of community - students, staff and school community

Learning at Hinds School

We aim to provide a broad and rich curriculum. The core curriculum of literacy and mathematics is the morning focus from Monday to Thursday. Rich curriculum learning encompasses student wonderings and initiatives, local curriculum, inquiry and identified priorities from whānau and extends across science and social sciences, technology and digital technology, health and physical education, and the Arts. Thorough Te Reo immersion we recognise and celebrate the cultural heritage of our tamariki both Tangata Whenua and Tauiwi. Te Reo is immersed in our learning programme through language and learning opportunities. We encourage whānau to become involved is supporting the school with their voice and expertise.

As a school we pride ourselves on knowing our learners and shaping education and learning programmes to best support our students. We shape learning programmes to meet the needs of our learners and actively review this through student voice, assessment and teacher and whānau voice.

Please visit the learners section to find out more about learning at Hinds School

Learning supports and extension: We connect with MindPlus in Ashburton a branch of NZ Centre for Gifted Education ( as an extension programme for gifted learners; the Board of Trustees fund Ako Ora a wellbeing and learning support initiative accessible for all students; and we have a team of expert teacher aides who work across classrooms.

A special feature of our school is the year 1-8 structure. We aim for our students to leave Hinds School as capable and confident learners; as well rounded individuals who have strong Hinds Dispositions and can embrace challenge and opportunity.

Technology for Year 7/8.

Our students attend the Mid Canterbury Technology Centre for two terms each year, for a whole day session. Students participate in a range of learning experiences with soft materials, hard materials, food and construction and digital technology. Hinds School and parents contribute to student fees to attend technology. Technology is a great opportunity to explore new learning,