Mahi Peak

The Peak Mahi Challenge was initiated in 2010, and has been aimed at building confidence in our Year 7 and 8 children by completing a series of outdoor challenges. We base the challenges on the resources we have in our own backyard. The Mahi Peak Challenge is a 2 year programme, and children must complete every challenge to receive the award. These challenges are outlined below:

Year 7 challenges

Community Service - 20 hours - including volunteering at Taupo events

Learn a new Hobby/ Sport or skill

Mid winter swim in the lake

Climb Mt Titiraupenga

Overnight camping including darkness challenge

Year 8 challenges

Climb the Urchin Trail

Do the Tongariro Crossing

White water rafting

High Ropes

Kayak down the Waikato River

We set up the challenge in such a way that Year 7 challenges have little or no cost attached. Children generally fundraise through their Community Service, and this money is used in Year 8 to offset their costs. The Peak Mahi Challenge is a user pays activity, and the school contributes through equipment - tents, kayaks, cookers, school vans etc. This year the total cost per child for the 2 year challenge is approximately $200. Any enquiries about the Peak Mahi Challenge should be directed to Mr Alan Murray, in Room 12.