Board of Trustees

This is our Board of Trustees for Hilltop School for 2017

Board of Trustees 2017

  • Angela Giddy (Chair)
  • Megan Bird (Principal)
  • Sarah Smith (Staff representative)
  • Mike Riordan
  • Ken Coombes
  • Nick Flowers
  • Tristy Vadnjal

The Board of Trustees is comprised of five people elected by parents of the school, an elected staff representative and the Principal. The trustees meet once a month and parents are cordially invited to attend these open meetings. Minutes and financial statements are available at the office.

The main function of the trustees is governance. This includes setting the Charter and school policies, and the overall management of government funding. The Board of Trustees is elected every three years.

Angela Giddy


Nic Flowers

Ken Coombes

Tristy Vadnjal

Mike Riordan

Meg Bird


Sarah Smith

(Staff rep)