Mrs. Karalian's Seventh Grade Language Arts

Greetings, Seventh Grade Language Arts Students, Parents, and Guardians:

Thank you for visiting our site. I hope you will find this site helpful and user-friendly; please feel free to contact me should you have any trouble navigating it.

I enthusiastically anticipate working with each and every one of you. Best wishes to you and yours for a successful school year!


Mrs. Karalian

Here is a brief explanation of my quick links:

"My Classroom News"--This page will give a brief overview of what we will be working on in LA class for the week. This plan is flexible and may change day to day based on what we accomplish in class. You will find an updated daily agenda and "Bell Ringer" assignments on this page.

"Grade Discussion Forum" - Every week I will pose a question or prompt to which each student must create an original post. At times, I will also direct the students to reply to at least two peers. This forum is open to ALL of my ELA sections. This means that all of my seventh grade students will be able to interact weekly with each other, regardless of section.

"Period ____"--These pages will show the period/section specific information each of you will need throughout the school year. Current units of study, projects, upcoming assessments, etc will all be posted under these pages.

"My Resources"--This page will contain links to file attachments, which correspond to ELA class assignments and contain related resources / references. For example, our seventh grade ELA syllabus is located here for your reference.

"Weekly Bell Ringers"--This page will contain the weekly Bell Ringer assignment and directions on how to complete.

"Learning Lab" - This page should be used to request Learning Lab time. You MUST fill out the form each time you wish to attend Learning Lab.