Criteria For Nomination


Nominees must have demonstrated character while representing Hillsboro High School and/or the community. The nominee must also be a positive role model, worthy of being emulated by the community and current and future students. Nominees shall have no felony convictions.

  • Athlete:
    • 1. Made an outstanding contribution to Hillsboro High School athletics; and
    • 2. Graduated from Hillsboro High School at least five (5) years ago.

  • Coach:
    • 1. Coached a sanctioned sport at Hillsboro High School for a minimum of five (5) years; and
    • 2. Retired from coaching, or left employment, at Hillsboro High School at least five (5) years ago.

  • Team: Won state, state recognition, or attained record status.

  • Community Persons/Organizations:
    • Contributed extraordinarily to HHS athletics in a capacity other than as a coach or athlete; and
    • Involved in Hillsboro High School athletics for a substantial period of time.

The Selections Committee reserves the right to make exceptions to these guidelines for special circumstances.

Hall of Fame Nomination Forms may be found at

Please send any questions or suggestions to John "Doc" Robertson