April 27th, 2019

The Makoy Center

Located in Old Hilliard. Great event space with with a large dance floor and plenty of space.

Dinner is Included

Prom tickets are $75. All tickets include parking and dinner.

All seating is reserved. Tables and individual seats are selected during ticket purchase. Large groups are encouraged to purchase their tickets early to secure seating at the same table.

Ticket sales will end at midnight on April 17th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we change locations this year?

The Arena District looks a lot different now than it did when we first started holding prom there in 2010. Parking is no longer convenient and across the street, the cost to rent Express Live has increased, and we face increased competition from athletic events and concerts in the area.

Why the Makoy Center?

The Makoy Center offers a space that is large enough to accommodate a group of our size, and there is ample parking available on site. It’s also wedding season. Many of the venues around Central Ohio that are large enough to accommodate us require a minimum charge of $20,000+ for a Saturday in April. The Makoy Center offers a facility that will accommodate our group, while keeping costs within budget.

Why is dinner included?

A group of Class Cabinet members met last year to discuss new prom venues. Several other schools in Central Ohio include dinner with prom, so we entertained the idea of bringing this concept to Bradley. The committee’s intent was to create an event that brings everyone together, and promotes unity and inclusiveness within the junior and senior classes.

Why is the cost of a ticket going up?

Even if we continued to hold prom at Express Live, we would have had to increase our ticket price this year to keep up with increasing costs. The price of a prom ticket has only increased $5 since Bradley opened, yet our costs have increased substantially since that time. Also, we are including dinner and parking this year in the price of a ticket.

What’s for dinner?

Printable Dinner Menu

Dinner will include rolls and butter, a salad, ricotta stuffed shells, smoked chicken fettuccine alfredo, macaroni and cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, dessert stations throughout the room, coffee, tea, lemonade and assorted sodas. Food stations will be available throughout the evening.

Can I choose my seat?

Yes! Each table seats 10. You will get to select your table and individual seat when you purchase your ticket. Large groups are encouraged to purchase their tickets early so you have a better chance of sitting together.

Do I have to pay extra for parking?

No, parking is included with the price of your prom ticket this year.

Do I have to eat dinner there?

No you do not. However, you still must pay full price for your ticket. Our venue does not allow us to have guests who pay for meals and guests who do not. Everyone must pay the same price, regardless of whether they choose to eat with the group or beforehand on their own. Besides, it’s only one night. Take your prom date to dinner at a fancy restaurant some other time, and enjoy the company of your fellow Jaguars on prom night.

What is the timeline for the evening?

Doors open at 6:30, dinner begins at 7:00, and dancing starts around 8:30. Prom ends at 11:00PM.

Is the ticket purchase deadline (April 17th at midnight) a firm deadline?

Yes! We need to confirm our final ticket count in advance with our vendors and the event center. We are unable to sell tickets past this date.

Still have questions?

See any class adviser. Their emails are listed under the “Contacts” section below.

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