Hillel Hungary

The Young & Intellectual Jewish Community of the Future

Az ország egyetlen

Egyetemista Zsidó Diákszervezete

The one & only

Jewish university-Student Organization in Hungary

Hillel Hungary is a member of Hillel International, the largest Jewish Student Organization in the world.

Here, in Hungary, we operate both as an official Student Organization at the Corvinus University (and other universities soon) and as a Non-profit Association registered in Budapest.

We joined the Hillel network in March 2015 as the 16th country in which Hillel is represented, beside the 550 Hillels in the United States.

Our vision is a cohesive worldwide Jewish professional community, in which students and alumni help each other advance and thrive on both the professional and personal level.

Our mission is to create a young and intellectual Jewish community in Hungary for university students and young professionals, in which they support each other in their studies, careers and personal lives.

Since 2015, we cooperate frequently with the Israeli Cultural Institute.

Since 2016, we moved our headquarters to the Mozaik Hub Budapest, which is supported by the JCD.

Since 2017, we are proud members of the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) in Hungary,

We are proud to be a part of the organization which can be found in the world's most prestigious universities like: Harvard, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Columbia, NYU (Stern), MIT, Yale, University of Chicago (Booth), Northwestern University (Kellogg), Stanford, Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, Arizona State, Berkeley, UCLA, George Washington University, Tel-Aviv University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Haifa University, Ben Gurion University, etc...

We thank everything - including the existence of Hillel Hungary - to Yossie Goldman