Student Transfer and Choice Options

The Highlands County School District is dedicated to ensuring that all students will choose a learning path that leads to a well-rounded graduate who demonstrates good character and leadership. Students originally are assigned to the school in the attendance zone of their permanent residence; but the District also provides a number of opportunities for parents to select other options for their children in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Student Assignment, Enrollment and Choice Plan (“Plan”), in accordance with F.S. 1002.31.

Controlled Open Enrollment

Controlled choice options are permitted in accordance with Florida Statute 1002.31 and pursuant to School Board Rule 5.20 and will provide additional opportunities for students to attend any school in the state other than their zoned school that has available capacity. COE will provide parents greater choice options.

A list of schools accepting COE students is released each year. Applications for COE will only be accepted during the application window. Two lotteries will be done, first for in-county applicants and a second for out-of-county if there are remaining open seats.

For More Information, please view the SBHC Student Assignment, Enrollment and Choice Plan

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2017 Controlled Open Enrollment (COE)

Application Requirements

  • Applications will only be accepted during the application window. Once the window has closed, all applications will be randomly numbered with the assistance of a computer program. Available seats will then be assigned to the applicants for that school starting at 1 and ending at the total number of seats available (Lottery system).
  • Transportation must be provided by the parent for all approved requests.
  • Parent must complete a separate application for each COE school to which the student would request consideration.
  • There will be strict adherence to all stated deadlines.
  • Parent must receive and accept an APPROVED COE transfer from the Highlands County School District’s Department of Student Support Services.
  • Parent agrees that at any time during the school year, a transfer may be revoked due to poor attendance, tardiness or discipline issues.
  • Parent understands that falsification of residency shall result in the revocation of the transfer waiver. The student will return to his or her zoned school at a time determined by the Superintendent or designee.

Schedule for Controlled Open Enrollment

Timeline / Deadlines

Controlled Open Enrollment (COE) Application March 27 – April 14

Lottery and Notification April 17 – 21

Parental Acceptance Deadline April 24 – May 5

Waiting List Expiration August 10

Controlled Open Enrollment Online Application

Controlled Open Enrollment Printable Application